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U.S. & Wis. Supreme Courts

Today, more than ever, our expansive court system is a major player in shaping our society. On top of this, or perhaps because of this, our political system is extremely divided and when legislation is enacted, at any level of government, it is often challenged in our courts. In addition, while the courts themselves are supposed to be nonpartisan, they have become more politicized. Because of their significant impact, it is incumbent on us to be following their actions or inaction. In Wisconsin, with pressure mounting on the state legislature to reconsider how districts are redrawn after a 10-year census, various groups and individuals are appealing to our courts to force change. And of course, all eyes (and ears) are on the U.S. Supreme court as it addresses challenges to Roe vs. Wade and United vs.Citizens. Check this page regularly for updates.

Evers hires private law firm to fight laws passed by GOP in lame-duck session

This is scary. It is scary any time a candidate for public office, especially for a judicial post, has extreme view. Doesn't matter if they are on the left or right. Extremism is not healthy. The Journal Sentinel is reporting that Brian Hagedorn, a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, has blog postings from 2005 that suggest a judicial focus that is clearly far, far right.  Keep reading ...