Jessica King was one of the speakers at the recent Fond du Lac County JFK dinner at Ripon College,

Jessica King, a Democrat seeking to unseat 6th congressional district incumbent Republican Congressman Glen Grothman, has been added to the list of speakers at the Nov. 2 Green Lake County Dems & Friends meeting at the Caestecker Public Library in Green Lake. The meeting, which is open to the public, starts at 10 a.m.

Also speaking on Saturday is Judge Lisa Neubauer, who is running for a seat on the District II Appeals Court (read separate article on Neubauer).

Read what King wrote on her Facebook page after announcing that she is challenging Grothman for a seat in Congress:

As a state senator, I worked to provide my constituents with service, and offered a simple philosophy. Because I knew that the people in my district would not always agree, I did what any 4th grade math teacher tells their kids to do, I showed my work, explained how I made decisions, and got people to respect my direction and created an opportunity to work together and perhaps agree in the future. And that’s how I’ll work for you in the 6th District of Wisconsin in Congress.

We deserve representatives who follow the Golden Rule; not the one that entitles those with a silver spoon to make the rules to advance their greed; but instead a tenant who will treat others as you wish to be treated; to craft and implement public policy that will reach well into the future and promote opportunity, and fairness for real people – people like us.

Together we want to live in a country that works hard so no one goes to bed homeless from poverty; no one goes hungry in one of the richest countries in the world; or has to live with a chronic illness, or addiction, or in isolation or fear of violence which is now all too commonplace in this divided country; but rather that each of us is respected, and is able to maximize our full potential and is a part of a strong community that is more prosperous than a sole individual could ever be.

People of my home, it’s time to take back our district from outside, dark money. It’s time to elect one of our own, on our own, for the people of our district.

Today I’m asking you to support me, Jessica King for Congress. As you think about my words, I ask that you decide what you are willing to do to ensure that your representative works for you and not some mystery donor who thinks they can buy your vote for themselves. Sign Up, Donate, Volunteer, Support Jessica King for Congress on November 3, 2020. Let’s do this, Wisconsin! #LetsDoThis



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