As expected, Republicans in Green Lake County outpoll Democrats during partisan primary

Make of it what you will ….

As expect­ed in Green Lake Coun­ty, tra­di­tion­al­ly a Repub­li­can strong­hold, GOP can­di­dates for major statewide office out­polled Democ­rats by deci­sive mar­gins.

For exam­ple, Incum­bent Gov­er­nor Scott Walk­er, who had only token oppo­si­tion in the par­ti­san pri­ma­ry, racked up 1,618 votes in the coun­ty. His run­ning mate, incum­bent Lieu­tenant Gov­er­nor Rebec­ca Kleefisch, pulled in 1,619 (guess she is more pop­u­lar than the gov­er­nor).

On the Demo­c­ra­t­ic side of the ledger, eight can­di­dates split the votes cast. As expect­ed, Tony Evers, the cur­rent Super­in­ten­dent of Pub­lic Instruc­tion, gar­nered the most sup­port with 462 votes. Kel­da Roys was next with 91 and in a bit of a sur­prise, Paul Soglin was third with 87. Statewide, Evers was first with 224,644, fol­lowed by Mitchell’s 88,077 and Roys’ 68,952.

The bat­tle in Green Lake Coun­ty­for the lieu­tenant gov­er­nor on the Demo­c­ra­t­ic side was clos­er with Man­dela Barnes beat­ing Kurt Kober, 503 to 346.

In the bat­tle for the Sen­ate seat now held by Tam­my Bald­win, there was a hot­ly con­test­ed bat­tle on the Repub­li­can side with Leah Vuk­mir out­polling Kevin Nichol­son, 830 to 779. Bald­win, who was unop­posed on the Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty side, pulled in 887 votes.The Green Lake Coun­ty Repub­li­cans, how­ev­er, turned out a total of 1,609 vot­ers, drawarf­ing the total (887) of the Democ­rats.

Repub­li­can strength was also evi­dent as incum­bent Con­gress­man Glenn Groth­man (6th Dis­trict) came home with 1,617 votes. Demo­c­rat Dan Kohl, like Groth­man run­ning unop­posed with­in the par­ty, racked up 805 votes.

In anoth­er statewide race, for attor­ney gen­er­al, Repub­li­can Brad Schmiel earned 1,599 votes in the coun­ty, while Josh Kaul, the Demo­c­rat, came in with 805 votes.

Vot­ers, who had to choose which par­ty they sup­port­ed before vot­ing, also gave an ear­ly indi­ca­tion of their con­tin­ued sup­port for incum­bent Joan Ball­weg in the 41st Assem­bly Dis­trict. Ball­weg, who has been elect­ed to the seat sev­en times, had 1,417 votes in Green Lake Coun­ty.

Demo­c­rat Frank Buress, who was unop­posed, like Ball­weg, was able to muster 756 votes in Green Lake Coun­ty. The dis­trict, how­ev­er, includes parts of sev­en addi­tion­al coun­ties so the Green Lake total is only part of the whole.

So, what does all this mean? Statewide there were more Democ­rats vot­ing for their can­di­dates on Aug. 14 than there were Repub­li­cans. This has to be a con­cern for the GOP. But for tthem, Green Lake Coun­ty appears to be pro­tect­ed ter­ri­to­ry.