Evers tops field in the Democratic Party partisan primary race for governor

And now there is one. Yes­ter­day, Tony Evers, who was our head­lin­er last month at the July Green Lake Co. Dems & Friends meet­ing, has emerged as the guy to take down Scott Walk­er.

Evers, who had been favored to win the eight-per­son par­ti­san pri­ma­ry elec­tion, came away with 224,544 or 41.7 per­cent of the votes. Mahlon Mitchell was sec­ond with 88,090 or 16.4 per­cent. Kel­da Roys was third with 68,965 or 12.8 per­cent.

In all, 537,840 votes were cast in the Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty par­ti­san pri­ma­ry on Aug. 14.

OPINION: It was a struggle to decide who to vote for; there are a lot of good candidates, but here is how I voted

By Mal­colm McIn­tyre

I vot­ed last week on Wednes­day. It was quick and pain­less. I called Mar­i­an Milde­brandt, the Town of Brook­lyn Town Clerk to con­firm that if I did not expect to be in Green Lake on Tues­day (it is still up in the air), I could vote ear­ly, and that after­noon. “Sure,” she said. “Come on down.” So I did. Worked well. Mar­i­an knows what she is doing.

Strange­ly, tech­ni­cal­ly, I was “absen­tee” vot­ing although I was there. Hmm

But I strug­gled with the choic­es. Isn’t that the Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty way? Eight peo­ple were seek­ing toi lead the Par­ty into the Nov. 6 gen­er­al elec­tion and most were sol­id can­di­dates. I fil­tered out a cou­ple imme­di­ate­ly. Josh Pade? Who? Paul Sloglin? Is he real­ly run­ning? Seems like he entered the race and then went home. So it came down to an issue that Dems have strug­gled (there is that word again) with for years. Do we sup­port the can­di­date we real­ly like or the one with the best chance of win­ning?

Over the years I’ve tend­ed to go with the can­di­date I liked. Most of the time, after the elec­tion results were announced I was left dis­ap­point­ed (See Michael Dukakis–hey, I lived in Boston for 14 years). At least I know I am not alone is this strug­gle. At our reg­u­lar month­ly meet­ing on Aug. 4, we did a non-sci­en­tif­ic poll of the atten­dees and we were all over the place with our sup­port of the can­di­dates.

The same thing hap­pened with the two can­di­dates for lieu­tenant gov­er­nor. Both made strong impres­sions on us and accord­ing­ly, they split our infor­mal votes.

The good thing is there are a lot of qual­i­fied Dems run­ning for the gov­er­nor­ship and each would bring to the post cre­den­tials and expe­ri­ence that would help move our agen­da for­ward. Mahlon Mitchell? He’s a proven leader. Matt Fly­nn? His agen­da is sol­id and his polit­i­cal expe­ri­ence is stel­lar. Kel­da Roys? Maybe the future of the Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty in Wis­con­sin. Tony Evers? Statewide name recog­ni­tion and nobody knows more about edu­ca­tion.Kath­leen Vine­hout? Leg­isla­tive expe­ri­ence and an out-state can­di­date. Mike McCabe? Maybe the most pro­gres­sive can­di­date, plus he’s a farmer.

So who did I vote for? I’ll be hon­est. I real­ly, real­ly strug­gled with this one. I think Tony Evers has the best chance of defeat­ing Scott Walk­er in Novem­ber and there are sev­er­al polls that sup­port this. He may be the most prag­mat­ic of the can­di­dates and I would be shocked if he runs a neg­a­tive, attack cam­paign; he is not that type of guy (which may hurt him with some Dems).  But I also want to see more women in pol­i­tics and Kel­da Roys is bold and very pro­gres­sive, espe­cial­ly on issues that res­onate with women (and some enlight­ened men). We need her voice in Madi­son.

Same with the lieu­tenant gov­er­nor can­di­dates. Kurt Kober has a sol­id busi­ness back­ground, and comes from a union fam­i­ly. No sil­ver spoon here. He is artic­u­late, poised, and an aggres­sive, smart cam­paign­er. Man­dela Barnes is sim­i­lar, but he has leg­isla­tive expe­ri­ence; he knows how the leg­is­la­ture works (or doesn’t work). Tough choic­es.

So who did I vote for. Well, here we go. I vot­ed for .…

Oh shoot, my com­put­er is act­ing fun­ny, It just froze. The Rus­sians? Hey, could be. Guess I’ll have to wait until after the elec­tion to tell you.



View video of Dem candidate forum featuring seven of the eight seeking to replace Walker

If you missed the can­di­date forum last week that fea­tured sev­en of the eight Dems seek­ing the Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty nod to  oppose incum­bent Gov. Scott Walk­er in the bal­lot in Novem­ber, we have a link to the forum here. The forum, on Wednes­day night, was spon­sored by WORT (89.9-FM) (Madison’s com­mu­ni­ty radio sta­tion), The Pro­gres­sive Mag­a­zine, and Isth­mus . Please note that the video is not well edit­ed and the first 15 min­utes of it can be skipped. The can­di­date intro­duc­tions start at the 15 minute mark.

Only two Dems running in Aug. 14 primary for Lt. Gov. but the choice still hard to make

This one was also not easy for those attend­ing the reg­u­lar month­ly meet­ing of the Green Lake Co. Dems & Friends. With only two can­di­dates in the run­ning for the party’s nod for lieu­tenant gov­er­nor in the par­ti­san pri­ma­ry on Aug. 14–Mandela Barnes and Kurt Kober–the “favored sta­tus” des­ig­na­tion should not have been dif­fi­cult.

But it was, and as it was for the atten­dees who debat­ed the pros and cons of the can­di­dates seek­ing the governor’s seat, there was no con­sen­sus on Barnes and Kober. Ah, such is the Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty in  2018.

To help you decide which can­di­date to sup­port we’re pro­vid­ing links below to their Face­book Pages and web­site.

Click on the images above and to the right to vis­it Kurt Kober’s cam­paign Face­book Page and web­site.

Click on the images above and to the right to vis­it the Man­dela Barnes cam­paign Face­book Page and web­site.

OPINION: Which candidate has our support in the battle to unseat Scott Walker

By Mal­colm McIn­tyre

We all agree: we can’t agree on who should be our party’s choice to stand for elec­tion this Nov.6 against incum­bent Gov. Scott Walk­er.

At our reg­u­lar month­ly Aug. 4 meet­ing at the Caesteck­er Pub­lic Library, we decid­ed to ask the 25 or so peo­ple in atten­dance who they planned to vote for in the upcom­ing Aug. 14 par­ti­san pri­ma­ry elec­tion. We agreed that if some­one was not com­fort­able con­tribut­ing to the process they did not have to par­tic­i­pate, but most did in a spir­it­ed and pas­sion­ate dia­log.

And the results were all over the place. No one can­di­date seemed to have a pre­pon­der­ance of sup­port. In fact, mul­ti­ple mem­bers spoke in favor of Tony Evers, Mahlon Mitchell, Matt Fly­nn, Kel­da Roys, Kath­leen Vine­hout, and Mike McCabe. Only Paul Soglin and Josh Pade failed to gain some ver­bal sup­port.

In every case, mem­bers had heard, in per­son, from all of these can­di­dates. Either at one of the 4-Co Can­di­date Forums that have been held over the course of the last year, or in some oth­er venue. Most of the mem­bers in atten­dance know who Soglin is, but he has not ven­tured out to our area, which may have hin­dered his effort to gain sup­port. No one expressed sup­port for Pade who has prob­a­bly had the least expo­sure of any of the can­di­dates.

There was also con­sid­er­able dis­cus­sion about whether mem­bers should vote on Aug. 14 for the can­di­date they liked best or the one they felt had the best chance to top­ple Walk­er. Here too there was no con­sen­sus, but con­sid­er­able dis­cus­sion on both options.

There was a con­sen­sus, how­ev­er, that the Green Lake Co. Dems & Friends will sup­port com­plete­ly whomev­er is the win­ner.

Note: Orga­ni­za­tion poli­cies pro­hib­it us from endors­ing any can­di­date run­ning in a par­ti­san pri­ma­ry.

Invaluable Wisconsin Eye videos available on most candidates running in the Aug. 14 partisan primaries

Here is anoth­er ter­rif­ic resource for you and your fam­i­ly, friends, asso­ciates, etc: The Wis­con­sin Eye web­site has a grow­ing col­lec­tion of videos fea­tur­ing many, but not all, of the can­di­dates run­ning for office on Aug. 14. Includ­ed are can­di­dates for gov­er­nor, lieu­tenant gov­er­nor, the U.S. Sen­ate, the con­gres­sion­al offices, and for the Wis­con­sin state sec­re­tary and state trea­sur­er. The col­lec­tion includes videos from can­di­date forums and both state par­ty con­ven­tions. Final­ly, there are videos fea­tur­ing some of the state sen­ate and assem­bly races. These videos are invalu­able because they are not care­ful­ly con­trolled, script­ed or edit­ed by the can­di­dates them­selves.

Article recaps debate among Dems running for governor on Aug. 14

Read an arti­cle from Wis­con­sin Pub­lic Radio on the recent debate among the eight Democ­rats vying to become the party’s stan­dard bear­er on Aug. 6 in the par­ti­san pri­ma­ry elec­tion. The win­ner will take on incum­bent Repub­li­can Gov, Scott Walk­er on Nov. 6 in the gen­er­al elec­tion. Tony Evers, in pho­to above, leads the field of Demo­c­rat can­di­dates, accord­ing to a poll con­duct­ed by Mar­quette Uni­ver­si­ty.

Read WPR arti­cle.

Read arti­cle on the poll.

OPINION: Baldwin rally Saturday night in Berlin attracted fans and one guy who needs to get a life

By Mal­colm McIn­tyre

It is a dirty job but some­one has to do it, I guess.

Some­one has to show up at appear­ances by polit­i­cal can­di­dates in the hope that he or she will some­how slip up, both lit­er­al­ly and fig­u­ra­tive­ly.

Sat­ur­day night, at the ral­ly for Tam­my Bald­win in Berlin, at River­side Park, the guy on he left in the pho­to above was there to record every­thing Tam­my said or did.

He’s a track­er and sad to say, in the polit­i­cal world he is not an abnor­mal­i­ty.

Both sides (Dems and Repub­li­cans) do this, but only selec­tive­ly.

In kind of per­verse way, is a sign the oth­er side fears you.

Sat­ur­day night, once sev­er­al of the Dems attend­ing the ral­ly noticed him and his video cam­era, they con­front­ed him.

He was polite, but also res­olute. He had the right, he told them, to be there and to record the event. He was right. Legal­ly the ral­ly was a pub­lic event. He could not, how­ev­er, invade the pavil­lion that was reserved by the rally’s hosts: the Adams, Green Lake, Mar­quette, and Waushara Coun­ty Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ties.

Still, his pres­ence upset some of those there to meet and greet Bald­win so they strate­gi­cal­ly placed them­selves between his cam­era and Bald­win.

It was a way of fight­ing back.

It worked, to a degree. Any­one view­ing the video won’t see much of the U.S. Sen­a­tor.

But, like a good track­er, this guy hung in there, even film­ing Tam­my as she walked to her car at the end of the ral­ly.

Why would he do that? He hoped to see her slip or stum­ble or in some way do some­thing that if pulled out of con­text could be used to embar­rass her.

Like I wrote ear­li­er; being a track­er is a dirty job. It is also dis­gust­ing, sleazy, and revolt­ing. Giv­en that, what does it say about peo­ple who do this?

Note, we know who the guy is, but unlike him, we aren’t in the busi­ness of try­ing to belit­tle or embar­rass peo­ple so we aren’t pub­lish­ing his name.

Note: Mahlon Mitchell, who is seek­ing the Dem nod to run against Scott Walk­er, recent­ly con­front­ed a track­er con­nect­ed to Repub­li­can Gov. Scott Walk­er. View arti­cle on how Mitchell turned the table on his track­er.