Nada Elmikashfi, an appointments assistant in the office of Gov. Tony Evers.

Adams County Dems and Friends is pleased to welcome Nada Elmikashfi as the guest speaker at our meeting Tuesday, Nov. 26, in the Adams County Community Center, 569 N. Cedar St., Adams.

Nada is a student at UW Madison who emigrated from Sudan in 2002 She was an organizer for Next Generation America and now serves as Gubernatorial Appointments Assistant with the Office of Governor Tony Evers.

She was born in an agricultural village on the Nile river. She says, “I still remember running with my grandpa out to the fields and helping him farm our wheat and sugar cane. During harvest season, he instilled in me those strong rural values of hard work, generosity and steadfast belief in the goodness of the world. I have found these same values in the Wisconsin that has adopted me as its own, and have been taught so much more along the way.”

A release from the Adams County Democrats states: “Misunderstanding drives a lot of the fear some people in our society have towards those that don’t look like them. So let’s get to know each other a little better and hopefully, in the prcess, we can create a space of respect and goodwill.” 

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