Where do you go for reliable, trustworthy information you can use to be an informed voter? On your list should be the Wisconsin Examiner. 

It is a noble experiment in journalism in that it doesn’t employ the traditional business model of accepting advertising and having readers pay for subscriptions.

Here is how the Examiner defines itself (taken from its website):

“The Wisconsin Examiner is a nonpartisan, nonprofit news site offering a fresh perspective on politics and policy in our state.

As the largest news bureau covering state government, the Examiner will offer investigative reporting and daily coverage dedicated to the public interest.

In Wisconsin’s great progressive tradition, we aim to hold the powerful accountable to the people, follow the money, and dig out the truth. Although we give you the inside scoop, we are not a publication for “insiders.” Instead, we cover stories and voices that too often go unheard.

We don’t accept advertising or sell subscriptions. Instead, we rely on the generous support of foundations and people like you, who care about Wisconsin and believe an informed public is crucial to a healthy democracy.

We take our inspiration from the motto emblazoned on a ceiling in our state Capitol: “The Will of the People Is the Law of the Land.”

The Examiner is part of States Newsroom, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit supported by grants and a coalition of donors and readers. We retain full editorial independence.

Accuracy and transparency builds vital trust with you, our readers. Our policy is to update a story to correct errors promptly and note the change at the bottom of the story.

If you believe we’ve made a mistake, please email Ruth Conniff or Melanie Conklin so we can address it.

Read our ethics policy here; read our privacy policy here.”

View the Wisconsin Examiner website and then sign up for its free newsletter. It will soon become one of your most valuable and important sources of information that you rely on as you become an informed voter.

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