Looking for factual, unbiased information to help inform your votes in the future?

One of the great frustrations we face when dealing with the political environment is finding information that can inform our voting. While there are numerous resources, including media platforms, that we can access, often the information is incomplete, biased, or just wrong.

The Center for Investigative Journalism, a Wisconsin-based nonpartisan nonprofit organization, has created a web page that may help you clear away some of the confusion.

On the page (view link), you’ll find links to information that will help you better answer these questions:

Campaign Finance and Lobbying

How can I dig into state campaign finance data?

How can I find who is lobbying whom over what?

How do I find similar information on campaign finance and lobbying in other states?

How do I track campaign donations and spending for federal candidates, like U.S. senators and congresspeople?

How can I correlate contributions to votes?

The Wisconsin Legislature: Bills and Spending

How can I find a particular bill?

To understand what is being proposed:

To keep tabs on pending legislation: 

What else can I learn about past and pending legislation?

How can I track state agency spending?

How can I check up on a nonprofit group?

What information is available on corporations, including nonprofits, that are operating in my state?

What can I learn about individual labor unions?

What can I learn about an employer’s record on workplace safety?


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