While there is a consensus that Citizens United created an unacceptable corruption of the political process by allowing corporations to have an oversized voice in our elections, there is no consensus on how to negate the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that says corporations have the same free speech rights as people. One often talked about mechanism for overturning the court’s decision is to pass a constitutional amendment. But that would require a constitutional convention. That process presents its own set of issues.

One organization struggling with the “do we or don’t we” issue is the League of Women Voters. Here is a recent statement on their position from Cindy Diemer, president of the LWV of the Ripon Area:

Some of you have been looking for guidance concerning Citizens United and WI United to Amend as a bill recently introduced from [Wisconsin] Rep. Subeck and Sen. Hansen would create an advisory referendum to appear on the November 2020 ballot calling for a constitutional amendment to limit election spending.
LWVUS does not currently support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

The last paragraph is where it prohibits support for an amendment.

The League has received requests to support a constitutional amendment without fully specifying the content of the amendment. The League has long evaluated its advocacy work based on our positions, on the opportunity to best make a difference, and on the availability of necessary resources. The League has not yet found a proposed constitutional amendment that we can support within our positions. Because Money in Elections is a priority for the League, we will be continually re-evaluating the opportunity for legislation in this area.

LWVWI and local Leagues can not support this action for a ballot referendum.  However, we continue to advocate in other ways for better campaign financing, greater transparency and stronger rules regarding money in politics.
We also understand that many members do work on this issue outside of their League work and individuals can certainly continue to do so.
If you’re interested in further reading, this pdf document from LWVUS at this link has more on the topic: https://www.lwv.org/money-politics/money-politics-developing-common-understanding-issues


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