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We’re Watching … Judge Lisa Neubauer


One of the most important elections in 2019 will be the election on April 2 for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. There are two candidates for the 10-year term. While the race is supposed to be nonpartisan, the two candidates, Judge Lisa Neubauer and Judge Brian Hagedorn, have drawn most of their support from the state’s dominant political parties. Neubauer, who is the chief justice of the Wisconsin Appeals Court, has attracted considerable support from Democrats, while Hagedron, who is on the same appeals court, is heavily supported by Republicans. Neither party, however, can openly endorse a candidate. The same holds true for the county organizations. Nonetheless, because of the critical nature of this contest, we will use this page to provide news and information on the race. 

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Judges Neubauer and Hagedorn set for what might be the most expensive State Supreme Court election in state history

This is scary. It is scary any time a candidate for public office, especially for a judicial post, has extreme view. Doesn't matter if they are on the left or right. Extremism is not healthy. The Journal Sentinel is reporting that Brian Hagedorn, a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, has blog postings from 2005 that suggest a judicial focus that is clearly far, far right.  Keep reading ...