OPINION: Baldwin rally Saturday night in Berlin attracted fans and one guy who needs to get a life

By Mal­colm McIn­tyre

It is a dirty job but some­one has to do it, I guess.

Some­one has to show up at appear­ances by polit­i­cal can­di­dates in the hope that he or she will some­how slip up, both lit­er­al­ly and fig­u­ra­tive­ly.

Sat­ur­day night, at the ral­ly for Tam­my Bald­win in Berlin, at River­side Park, the guy on he left in the pho­to above was there to record every­thing Tam­my said or did.

He’s a track­er and sad to say, in the polit­i­cal world he is not an abnor­mal­i­ty.

Both sides (Dems and Repub­li­cans) do this, but only selec­tive­ly.

In kind of per­verse way, is a sign the oth­er side fears you.

Sat­ur­day night, once sev­er­al of the Dems attend­ing the ral­ly noticed him and his video cam­era, they con­front­ed him.

He was polite, but also res­olute. He had the right, he told them, to be there and to record the event. He was right. Legal­ly the ral­ly was a pub­lic event. He could not, how­ev­er, invade the pavil­lion that was reserved by the rally’s hosts: the Adams, Green Lake, Mar­quette, and Waushara Coun­ty Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ties.

Still, his pres­ence upset some of those there to meet and greet Bald­win so they strate­gi­cal­ly placed them­selves between his cam­era and Bald­win.

It was a way of fight­ing back.

It worked, to a degree. Any­one view­ing the video won’t see much of the U.S. Sen­a­tor.

But, like a good track­er, this guy hung in there, even film­ing Tam­my as she walked to her car at the end of the ral­ly.

Why would he do that? He hoped to see her slip or stum­ble or in some way do some­thing that if pulled out of con­text could be used to embar­rass her.

Like I wrote ear­li­er; being a track­er is a dirty job. It is also dis­gust­ing, sleazy, and revolt­ing. Giv­en that, what does it say about peo­ple who do this?

Note, we know who the guy is, but unlike him, we aren’t in the busi­ness of try­ing to belit­tle or embar­rass peo­ple so we aren’t pub­lish­ing his name.

Note: Mahlon Mitchell, who is seek­ing the Dem nod to run against Scott Walk­er, recent­ly con­front­ed a track­er con­nect­ed to Repub­li­can Gov. Scott Walk­er. View arti­cle on how Mitchell turned the table on his track­er.