The critical Nov. 6 general election is closer than you may think








Consider voting via absentee ballot before the Nov. 6 general election

How to obtain an absentee ballot

  1. Request an absen­tee bal­lot (in per­son, by email, online, or fax)
  2. Fill out the bal­lot
  3. Mail the bal­lot at least a week before the elec­tions.

Who is eligible to use an absentee ballot?

Any qual­i­fied elec­tor (U.S. cit­i­zen, 18 years of age, who has resided in the dis­trict in which he or she intends to vote for at least 10 days) who reg­is­ters to vote is eli­gi­ble to request an absen­tee bal­lot.  Under Wis­con­sin law, vot­ers do not need a rea­son or excuse, such as being out of town on Elec­tion Day, to vote absen­tee.  Any vot­er who prefers to vote by absen­tee bal­lot may request one.  You have sev­er­al options for request­ing an absen­tee bal­lot and cast­ing your vote.

Download an application for an absentee ballot

If you are a reg­is­tered Wis­con­sin vot­er, you can down­load the Appli­ca­tion For Absen­tee Bal­lot (EL-121).  Just com­plete the form and mail it to your munic­i­pal clerk’s office.

You can find your clerk at MyVote WI by search­ing for your vot­er record or per­form­ing an address search. You can also find your clerk by search­ing through the list of all Wis­con­sin munic­i­pal clerks.  

Your appli­ca­tion must be received by the clerk no lat­er than 5 p.m. on the Thurs­day before the elec­tion in order for an absen­tee bal­lot to be SENT to you.  

You will also need to pro­vide a copy of your accept­able pho­to ID with your request.  If you have not pre­vi­ous­ly pro­vid­ed a copy of pho­to ID, a copy of your pho­to ID must accom­pa­ny your first appli­ca­tion by mail.  More infor­ma­tion about pho­to ID can be found at

If you are not already reg­is­tered, you will need to reg­is­ter to vote before an absen­tee bal­lot can be sent to you.

Vot­ers who are indef­i­nite­ly con­fined, mean­ing they have a dif­fi­cult time get­ting to the polls due to age, ill­ness, infir­mi­ty, or dis­abil­i­ty, may request that a bal­lot be auto­mat­i­cal­ly sent to them for each elec­tion.  

Indef­i­nite­ly con­fined vot­ers do not need to pro­vide a pho­to ID with their absen­tee bal­lot request.  If you or some­one you know are indef­i­nite­ly con­fined you will make this des­ig­na­tion in box 6 of the Appli­ca­tion for Absen­tee Bal­lot (EL-121).  More infor­ma­tion on the excep­tions to the pho­to ID law can be found at:

Mil­i­tary and Over­seas vot­ers have addi­tion­al options for absen­tee bal­lot deliv­ery. Click here for Mil­i­tary. Click here for Over­seas. Mil­i­tary and per­ma­nent over­seas vot­ers do not need to pro­vide a pho­to ID with their request.  

Or request an application for an absentee ballot by email, online or fax

Reg­u­lar Wis­con­sin vot­ers may also request that a bal­lot be sent to them by send­ing an e-mail or fax to their munic­i­pal clerk. Reg­is­tered vot­ers may also use to request their absen­tee bal­lot by click­ing “Vote Absen­tee.” This request must be made no lat­er than 5 p.m. on the Thurs­day before the elec­tion in order for an absen­tee bal­lot to be sent to you.  If you have not pre­vi­ous­ly pro­vid­ed a copy of pho­to ID, pho­to ID must accom­pa­ny your appli­ca­tion. More infor­ma­tion about the pho­to ID require­ment can be found at  

How to complete an absentee ballot

You can find detailed instruc­tions for com­plet­ing your absen­tee bal­lot here: Uni­form Instruc­tions for Absen­tee Vot­ers.

Deadlines for returning your absentee ballot

Your com­plet­ed absen­tee bal­lot must be deliv­ered no lat­er than 8 p.m. on Elec­tion Day.  The U.S. Postal Ser­vice rec­om­mends absen­tee bal­lots be mailed one week before Elec­tion Day to arrive in time.

Or you can vote your absentee ballot in person

You can also vote absen­tee at your local munic­i­pal clerk’s office.  If you apply for an absen­tee bal­lot in your munic­i­pal clerk’s office, or anoth­er des­ig­nat­ed loca­tion for in-per­son absen­tee vot­ing, you will vote your bal­lot imme­di­ate­ly in the clerk’s office, seal your bal­lot in the prop­er enve­lope, and return it to a mem­ber of the clerk’s staff.  No bal­lots may be tak­en out of the clerk’s office.

You will need to show your accept­able pho­to ID for vot­ing when vot­ing by in-per­son absen­tee bal­lot.  More infor­ma­tion about accept­able pho­to IDs can be found at

When can you vote using an -in-person absentee ballot

Each city, vil­lage and town in Wis­con­sin is respon­si­ble for set­ting the dates and hours of in-per­son absen­tee vot­ing for their munic­i­pal­i­ty.  To find the dates and hours for in-per­son absen­tee vot­ing where you live, con­tact your munic­i­pal clerk.

Who is your municipal clerk?

The munic­i­pal clerk is the clerk for the City, Vil­lage or Town in Wis­con­sin where you reside.  

If you do not know who your munic­i­pal clerk is, or where the clerk’s office is locat­ed, please use the MyVote Wis­con­sin web­site: to locate your clerk’s con­tact infor­ma­tion.  You can also find your clerk by search­ing a list of all Wis­con­sin Munic­i­pal Clerk Con­tact Infor­ma­tion.

This infor­ma­tion is based on mate­r­i­al pre­sent­ed to the pub­lic by the Wis­con­sin Elec­tions Com­mis­sion on its web­site. Infor­ma­tion tak­en from the site on July 18, 2018.


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