By Malcolm McIntyre

I voted a week ago for Jess King in her bid to unseat incumbent Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman, not because she is a Democrat, but because character matters.

Jess, a single mom and a product of a foster family, has a compelling personal story, plus she’s battled through adversity to become a woman worthy of our vote. Read about her journey.

Jessica King spoke at a meeting of the Green Lake County Dems & Friends last year.

Her positions on the key issues are also critical, but the bottom line is Jess is an imminently decent human being. And character matters, even if some think that when it comes to politics, it doesn’t.

Accordingly, I couldn’t vote for her opponent.  

Incumbent Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman, Jess King’s opponent on Nov. 3 is simply dishonest. His latest political radio ad says he is “crossing party lines …,” a late attempt to sway Democrats and Independents. Good luck with that Glenn.

The radio ad continues with Grothman (he is doing his own voiceover) claiming that he is “standing up to Republican leadership when they tried to get rid of the medical deduction.” Huh?  First, this was back in 2017 and since that time Grothman has repeatedly supported the GOP-led fight to eliminate ObamaCare, potentially leaving more than 20 million people without healthcare coverage. He also supports the Republican plan that would gut coverage of pre-existing conditions. And like his Republican cohorts, Grothman has not introduced or co-sponsored legislation that would protect us from those two devastating attacks on our health care.

Nor has he criticized Trump for his mishandling of the covid pandemic, which has resulted in the deaths of more than 220,000 Americans. Further, he has strongly supported Trump’s handling of the immigrant crisis and last year, at several town halls, he defended Trump’s building of a wall on our southern border. 

So why is he now saying that he is “crossing party lines,” and standing up to Republican leadership …” when his Congressional record is one of unquestioned support for Trump and the Mitch McConnell agenda?

In fact, in a recent study done by Axios, Grothman was identified as being the top supporter of the Republican agenda. Think about that for a minute. There are 197 Republicans in the House of Representatives and Grothman graded out as the most loyal, as evidenced by his voting record and public statements.

This answer is obvious, He is worried that the Republican voters who supported him in the past are now questioning their support, just as they are turning against Donald Trump.

The last four years have been an inconceivable disaster for the United States, and Glenn Grothman has played a role in this by defending the undefendable. And by refusing–like so many of his fellow Republicans–to speak out when it was warranted. So don’t believe this last-minute attempt to position himself as an independent Republican.  

It is way too little and way too late. Vote for Jess King on Nov. 3. Her character is unassailable. And today, character counts more than ever.

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