By Malcolm McIntyre

What a colossal embarrassment!

Last night’s so-called “debate” between President Donald Trump and his opponent, Joe Biden, was, in the words of one commenter, a “s**t show.”

Well said (although I am of a generation that prefers not using such language).

Last night’s televised disaster was a disjointed, out-of-control, and utterly repulsive demonstration of the political depth to which we have sunk. 

This is the best we can offer the American people? 

It was also a sad low point in civil discourse, and perhaps the end of the tradition of having presidential candidate debates.

Trump, in his best impersonation of Benito Mussolini (for you younger folks who are not sure who he was, Google him), was pompous, argumentative, and childishly petulant. He was also crude, rude, and devoid of any humanity. He lacks empathy, character, and moral grounding.

And he lies, oh how he lies. His defenders try to counter that he is being sarcastic or that he exaggerates. Hogwash. He thrives on misinformation and inaccuracies. It is his shtick and it has worked well for him for decades. After all, he is the guy who used a pseudonym to call clueless newspapers in New York to brag about himself. He was and is his own PR flak. 

Last night he did himself no favors with his decision to become, once again, the schoolyard bully. In that role he attacked, ridiculed, belittled and insulted Joe Biden and Biden’s children. What Christian human does that? And why? 

Sadly, the answer is because it appeals to his base and because he is a Christian in name only (or when he clears out Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C., for a photo op that convinced no one of his goodness and faith). 

Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden was not spectacular last night either. But he did not hurt himself with his performance, while Trump inflicted much damage in his attempt to gain four more years in the Oval Office.

Sitting there watching Trump’s televised meltdown, I was struck by two things: First, whereas once America was respected and valued as a leader, we now look like a country devoid of principled leadership. We were once the leaders of the free world and the champions of Democracy. No more. 

Second, how do we explain to our kids Trump’s behavior, when he seems to revel in the muck that he creates, and by extension, that is condoned by his supporters. He is the antithesis of everything we teach our children about values and norms. 

We don’t let our kids behave like Trump behaved last night. So voting him out of office is critical. Forget about policy issues. This is about character and Donald Trump lacks character, big time. 

If America is really going to be great again, we must dump Trump.

This is a personal opinion. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Green Lake County Dems & Friends or its members and friends.

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