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In surprise visit to July monthly meeting of the Green Lake Dems & Friends, State DPI head, Tony Evers, explains why he will defeat Scott Walker in the fall general election

The state top edu­ca­tor, Tony Evers, made a sur­prise vis­it to the month­ly meet­ing of the Green Lake Co. Dems & Friends Sat­ur­day to explain why he will defeat incum­bent Repub­li­can Gov. Scott Walk­er … Keep read­ing …

At 4-Co. Candidates Forum, Wachs and Godlewski present their case for votes in the Aug. 14 Democratic partisan primary

Dana Wachs and Sarah Godlews­ki were the head­lin­ers at a recent 4-Co. Can­di­dates Forum in Adams Co. Wachs hopes to top the Demo­c­ra­t­ic par­ty tick­et in the bat­tle to defeat Gov. Scott Walk­er while Godlews­ki is run­ning for … Keep read­ing …

Join us Saturday as Buress explains why he thinks he can defeat Ballweg in battle for 41st District Assembly seat

Join us this Sat­ur­day, May 5, for the May 5 meet­ing of the Green Lake Coun­ty Dems & Friends. Frank Buress who is run­ning for the 41st State Assem­bly seat now occu­pied by incum­bent Repub­li­can Joan Ball­weg, will be the main speak­er. Keep read­ing …

VIDEO: Sen. Baldwin on MSNBC calls for answers from Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

Wis­con­sin Sen­a­tor Tam­my Bald­win recent­ly joined the cho­rus of Democ­rats call­ing for answers from Face­book after the dis­clo­sure that per­haps as many as 80 mil­lion Amer­i­cans may have had their pri­vate infor­ma­tion used, with­out their expressed per­mis­sion, by Cam­bridge Ana­lyli­ca to aid the Trump cam­paign. Keep read­ing …

OPINION: We’re off the hook; Rep. Kooyenga says he, not taxpapers, will pay $30,000 settlement

You and I were about to be on the hook for a $30,000 pay­ment to set­tle a law­suit brought by a man who had the audac­i­ty to be car­ry­ing a sign that was crit­i­cal of Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump. The sign so angered Repub­li­can Rep Dale Kooyen­ga he took it from the man who was inside a pub­lic area of the State Capi­tol in Madi­son when Kooyen­ga went rogue. Keep read­ing …