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WI Supreme Court candidate, Judge Lisa Neubauer, coming to Green Lake, on Saturday, Feb. 23

Typically, an election to fill a vacancy on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is an under-the-radar event. This year, however, the upcoming April 2 election is different because it will shape the court’s direction for years to come. Currently, conservatives dominate. If Appeals Court Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer wins on April 2, it will create a more balanced court. We, and the other members of the 4-County Coalition (Adams, Marquette, and Waushara) have invited Judge Neubauer to a meet and greet on Saturday, Feb. 23, at the Goose Blind, Green Lake. Judge Neubauer is expected to arrive at the Goose Blind between 4 and 4:45 p.m. This event is open to the public. While officially, the election is non-partisan, Judge Neubauer has drawn considerable support from liberals and progressives, while her opponent, Judge Brian Hagedorn, has appealed to conservatives. For more on the race, visit our Judge Lisa Neubauer page. 

Grothman sponsors or cosponsors legislation regarding citizenship, Trump’s wall, abortion, sanctuary cities, and Planned Parenthood

For example, in addition to the bill that would allow for crowdfunding of Donald Trump’s wall, Grothman’s name is on legislation that would deny federal funding to sanctuary cities or counties that are in violation of federal immigration laws; prohibit abortions in cases where there is a fetal heartbeat; place a moratorium on Federal funding to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.; provide that human life shall be deemed to begin with fertilization; amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to impose Federal taxes on bonds used to provide facilities owned by abortion providers. Keep reading …

U.S. Senate passes bipartisan criminal justice reforms

In a rare show of bipartisan unity, the U.S. Senate in December passed legislation that included the “most substantial changes” in a generation to the tough-on-crime prison and sentencing laws that ballooned the federal prison population and created a criminal justice system that many conservatives and liberals view as costly and unfair.  Keep reading …