Jessica King was one of the speakers at the recent JFK dinner in Ripon

Jessica King, the Oshkosh Democrat seeking to unseat 6th Congressional District Republican Glenn Grothman, took her “champion of the working class” message to another group Wednesday in Oshkosh.

The article states: “Her decision to challenge Grothman stemmed from becoming a mother three and a half years ago.

After King became a mother, she looked at issues like climate change, the student debt crisis, unaffordable health care and stagnating incomes for the middle class, and wondered what kind of a world her son would grow up in.

“My son is the 6th generation of the King family to live in the 6th congressional district,” King said. “I really want this to be a thriving place for him. And I’m concerned that if we don’t send real advocates to Washington to solve real problems, I don’t know what I’m handing him.”

Green Lake resident Ken Knight [a member of the Green Lake Dems & Friends and a contributor to this website} attended the campaign event and said he supports King because she’s willing to compromise to pass legislation.

Knight had previously been a “lifelong Republican,” voting for the party in every major election until 2012. He said the party has moved too far to the right and drifted away from his core values.

“I haven’t budged in my beliefs, but they’ve diverged,” Knight said of the Republicans

Read article from the Advance Titan. 


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