Here is what Sen, Tammy Baldwin had to say after receiving a letter from a constituent asking if she supported the For the People Act:

“The American people need to trust that their government is working for them, not the powerful special interests in Washington.  Hardworking American families are struggling to get ahead and can’t afford to have special interests in a cozy relationship with the government.  The time is now to take bold legislative action that reforms our political system, increases transparency and restores faith in our democracy.

“That is why I am a proud cosponsor of S. 949, the For the People Act – a sweeping package of reforms that would fix our broken political system and make government work for the people.  This landmark legislation would restore the promise of American democracy by making it easier to vote, ending the dominance of big money in politics and ensuring that public officials work for the public interest. 

“The right for every citizen’s voice to be heard through the ballot box is the cornerstone of our democracy.  S. 949 improves access to voting through expansion of voter registration and early voting methods while fighting back against the assault on voting rights like voter roll purges and discriminatory ID laws.  This bill would also end partisan gerrymandering to prevent politicians from picking their voters and making Americans feel like their voices do not count.

“We must also reform the way we finance our campaigns and end the rule of big money in our elections.  The For the People Act will shine a light on dark money by requiring political organizations to disclose their donors, levels the playing field for small donors and strengthens regulation and oversight by Congress and the Federal Elections Commission.  This allows everyday Americans to exercise their due influence in a post-Citizens United world.

“In addition, this legislation helps to ensure that government officials are working on behalf of the common good, not powerful special interests.  S. 949 includes my Executive Branch Conflict of Interest Act, which slows the revolving door between corporations, Wall Street and Washington. It also prohibits “government service golden parachute” bonus payouts, strengthens ethics requirements, and combats conflicts of interest. 

“On March 8, 2019, the House passed its version of the For the People Act, H.R. 1, and the bill now awaits action in the Senate.  Please be assured of my support for this legislation that helps to restore our democracy and put power back in the hands of the American people where it belongs.

“Once again, thank you for contacting my office.  It is important for me to hear from the people of Wisconsin on the issues, thoughts and concerns that matter most to you. If I can be of further assistance, please visit my website at for information on how to contact my office.”


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