Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, a Republican, says Democrats need to stop being “hypocritical” on border security.

In a press release from his office earlier in January, Johnson said, “There’s a real easy solution: Have Democrats stop being hypocritical and put their money where their mouth is and fund better barriers. They work.

“[Democrats] supported, voted for about $8 billion of better barrier funding in the 2013 immigration reform, $40 billion in total in terms of border security. This is a growing problem. In 2012, a little over 11,000 people came into this country as family units. Last year, it was 107,000 people coming in as a family unit. In the first three months of this fiscal year it’s been 75,000 people.”

“Let’s face it, as a candidate, this is what [President Trump] talked about. If there is a mandate he can claim from his election, it’s better border security to keep this nation safe. Democrats have voted for this in the past. They’re being total hypocrites.”

Read the full text of his release.

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