Surprise court ruling: “Dreamers” can stay–for now. Roberts joins majority decision

In a surprise ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the estimated 7000,000 “Dreamers” are safe–for now. With Chief Justice John Roberts joined by the court’s four justices considered as progressive or liberal, The 5-4 vote doesn’t mean the battle to protect “Dreamers” is over, but it means the Trump administration can’t enforce the executive order it issued that, if sustained, would have allowed Trump to send “Dreamers” to counties that have, in many cases, never been their home.

For example, under the Trump plan, a child born in the United States to someone who was not a citizen could have been deported to the county of her/his parent, even if the child has never set foot in that county. Note: We need to clarify this. There is some confusion here. Will update when we have the clarification.

Despite widespread support for allowing “Dreamers” to remain in the United States, from both major political parties, Trump and his team have pushed to evict them.

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