Marquette County Dems launch campaign in support of April 7 Fair Maps referendum

Our Democratic Party friends in Marquette County are planning a series of events and activities prior to the county’s April 7 referendum seeking support for nonpartisan redistricting.

The group, part of the four-county coalition that includes Green Lake, Adams, Waushara and Marquette Counties, was successful last month getting the Marquette County Board of Supervisors to put the issue on the ballot in Marquette County. 

Referendum Ballot Question

The referendum question reads as follows:

Should the County request that the Wisconsin Legislature create a nonpartisan procedure for the preparation of legislative and congressional redistricting plans ending the practice of gerrymandering in Wisconsin?

____ Yes  ____ No

The April 7 statewide election is both a presidential primary and a general election for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. 

Community Discussions

In addition, to help inform Marquette County residents about the need for nonpartisan redistricting, the Marquette County Dems have scheduled two community discussions. 

The first, on Wednesday, March 4, features Matt Rothschild, the executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. The meeting, at the Marquette County Community Building, 480 Underwood Ave., Montello, starts at 6 p.m., and is open to the public.

The second, on Monday, March 30, in Westfield, features Jacy Heck, executive director of Common Cause Wisconsin. It will be held at the Ethel Everhard Public Library, 117 E. 3rd Street, starting at 6 p.m. As with the first meeting, it is also open to the public.

Both the Democracy Project and Common Cause Wisconsin have been leaders in the growing nationwide movement to take redistricting out of the hands of politicians, who have in the past created districts that favored their party. 

In addition, members of the Marquette and Green Lake County Democratic Parties are involved, as individuals, in another organization, Fair Maps Midstate, which is attempting to coordinate the efforts of multiple organizations, all working to ensure fair maps in Wisconsin. 

Essay Content

The Marquette County Dems and the Fair Maps Midstate group are also sponsoring an essay contest for students in the Montello and Westfield Public Schools. Students are being asked to write an essay expressing reasons why they would vote yes or no on the question being asked on the referendum ballot on April 7 about the way we redistrict Wisconsin Assembly and Senate voting districts and the U.S. Congressional Districts. Opinions must be based on research and include citations.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top two essays from each school district.


It is now more important than ever that voters check their status before voting this year

Because of the ruling yesterday by a Wisconsin judge that clears the way for the Wisconsin Elections Commission to purge as many as 234,000 voters from the state’s voter rolls, it is critical that all voters make sure that they are properly registered before voting this year. Why? Because (1) you may have been removed from the voter rolls, without your knowledge, and (2) you may need to register. If you need to register, there are new requirements for proving your identity.

Conservative effort at voter suppression

If this all sounds confusing, it is, and that is by design. Instead of making it easier for people to vote and instead of ensuring that all citizens can vote, conservative and Republican groups are trying hard to suppress voter turnout. This is something they have been doing for decades. These well-funded, carefully crafted and executed efforts have been aided by sympathetic judges who have ruled in their favor. This latest ruling is a classic effort.

Don’t wait, check your status now

To combat this, we must all ensure that we and all like-minded friends and relatives are correctly recorded on our local voter rolls. Do not wait until election day. Yes, you can register on election day if you find that you are not on the rolls, but you may have trouble doing so because of the identification requirements, which require specific forms of identification. The answer: Confirm your registration status.

For help doing this, visit MyVoteWI

Thanks to Green Lake County Dems & Friends member Art Baseler for helping with this post.



6th CD DEM candidates Matt Boor and Jessica King spoke at annual JFK dinner

Democrats Matt Boor and Jessica King, both seeking to unseat incumbent Republican 6th District Congressman Glen Grothman, were among the speakers Sunday night at the annual JFK fundraising dinner, Sunday, Oct. 13 at Ripon College. The event featured a number of prominent Democrats and featured keynote speaker Alex Lasy, a senior vice president of the Milwaukee Bucks and one of the leaders in bringing the Democratic National Convention to Milwaukee next summer. For more on Boor, check out his Facebook page. For more on King, visit her Facebook page.


OPINION: Democratic Party presidential candidate Cory Booker is the real deal

By Malcolm McIntyre

U. S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) is the real deal.

I’ve always known this. It started with his moving into a low-income tenement building in a high crime area of Newark in 1998.

Who does that when his law and Stanford degrees would have afforded him positions in law firms and corporate boardrooms across the county. 

Heck, he still lives in that neighborhood in Newark. Lived there while he served as mayor of the New Jersey city.

I had a chance to speak with him (“You sure you know how this cell phone camera works”, I asked). He did, and you and see the result here. 

Boy, he’s big. I would love to see Donald Trump try to physically intimidate him like he did Hillary.

Maybe we’ll get that chance. I hope so.

I know the odds are against this. I also know that the so-called debates, while well intended, simply aren’t the proper platform for experiencing most of the candidates.

When you get a chance to see and listen to Booker in person, you are exposed to his charisma, character, and strong passion for his beliefs.

I heard Booker speak for about 45 minutes. It was 5:30 on a Sunday afternoon in Hartland, an upper-scale community in Waukesha County, one of the state’s reddest counties. Frankly, when I heard through a friend that he was going to be in Hartland, I was surprised. I know too well how deeply Republican the county is and I knew how weak the Democratic party was in that part of the county.

But I was pleasantly surprised. There were about 75 people at the gathering of various ages, color, and gender. Yes, it was a mostly white group, but not completely. 

Clearly the Democratic Party is not dead in Waukesha County. 

Back to Booker. He is also a great story teller and I won’t repeat them here because I am trying hard to get the video that was shot while he was speaking. I want to share with our members here, and if I can with the other county Dems. Not sure if I will be successful. I am sure that Corey’s people have plans for the video and allowing us to see it may short-circuit those plans. Don’t want to do that.

Bottom line: if you can see and hear Corey in an environment like the one in Hartland, grab it. It will provide you with insights into the man that will help you decide who should represent our party in 2020. 


Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer visiting Green Lake on Saturday, Feb. 23

Candidates for statewide office in Wisconsin know Green Lake and by extension the Green Lake County Dems & Friends. Last year (we can say that now) we and our friends in Adams, Marquette, and Waushara Counties saw every major Democrat seeking statewide office pay us a visit. We’re on the map.

Next month, Appellate court judge Lisa Neubauer joins the impressive list of candidates seeking our support. Neubauer, of course, is running for a spot on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.  

This is a nonpartisan election. By charter with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, we can’t endorse candidates in nonpartisan elections, but as individuals we can support her. Accordingly, Judge Neubauer will be here on Saturday night, Feb. 23, at the Gooseblind.

For more on Judge Neubauer, check out our We’re watching Lisa Neubauer page.

For more details on her visit, check our Facebook page.

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