Here are the questions we asked each candidate who participated in our Green Lake County Dems & Friends  Zoom meeting on Feb. 6  One of those candidates, Troy Gunderson, is pictured above.

  1. What do you see as the impact of vouchers on public education?

  2. Given that COVID 19 has put additional financial strains on public schools, what is your plan for funding public schools? What safety measures would you put in place for all school personnel and students?

  3. Opening public schools comes with a variety of challenges, including in a wide range of educational achievements and deficiencies. What is your plan to provide all public school children with the skills they need to achieve in school? How does your plan provide equity for students regardless of race, rural versus urban schools, socio-economic status and zip code?

If you want to know how they each answered these questions, check out the video from the meeting. You can access it here.

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