Empty seats is the new norm when the LWV of the Ripon Area conducts its virtual candidate forums. The above photo shows 41st Assembly District candidates, Republicans Luke Dretske (left) and Gary Will, during the June 25 candidate forum at Ripon City Hall.

Empty seats are the new norm have questions, we know you do, and now is the time to ask them of Matt Boor, Jessica King, and Michael Beardsley, all Dems seeking to come out on top of the field on Aug. 11 during the state’s partisan primary election. The winner goes on to face incumbent Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman on Nov. 3 in the general election.

What questions do you have for Matt, Jessica, and or Michael?

On Wednesday night, July 1, at 7 p.m., the League of Women Voters of the Ripon Area, along with the Five County Tobacco Free Coalition, is hosting a virtual candidates’ forum for the three Dems, The forum starts at 7 p.m. and will be broadcast live on the City of Ripon’s public access channel, Spectrum 986. It will then be uploaded to Youtube and we will provide a link to it on our Facebook page the next morning.

You can use this form to submit your questions. Note that each candidate will address the same question. Questions are not directed at a specific candidate. Please provide your email address and phone number along with your question so the LWV screeners can contact you if they desire clarifications. Your name is not provided to the candidates. 

This is a critical election and it is important that we put forth our best candidate in November. You can help make this happen by asking relevant and insightful questions of the candidates. Doing so will help them differentiate themselves from each other and give voters a deeper appreciation of their candidacy.

For now, the Green Lake County Democratic Party, by policy, can’t officially endorse any of the three Dems on the Aug. 11 ballot. The organization, however, will aggressively support the Aug. 11 partisan primary winner. The goal, of course, is to upset Grothman, 

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