Sen. Olsen’s Legislative Update

The most recent “Legislative Update from Senator Olsen” was a great example of self-promotion, funded by our taxpayer dollars. The email did not contain a single item relating to legislation. 

Instead, it was a public relations/marketing piece touting the Senator and his inclusion on the “Wall of Inspiration,” sponsored by the Berlin Area Historical Society and the “Berlin Area School System”. The piece was dominated by a photo of Olsen, who is a former Berlin school Board member. The issue here is not the award. It is using what is billed as a legislative update for self-promotion. 

To be fair to Olsen, all of the state’s legislators publish similar emails and bulletins. And they should be informing their constituents about legislative issues. That is appropriate use of our tax dollars. What is not appropriate or fair is using pieces like this to promote themselves, especially when they are up for reelection, as Olsen is this November. Shame on Olsen and any other legislator who does this. If they are cranking out self-promotion materials their campaign dollars should be used, not our tax dollars.

View Olsen so-called legislative update:

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