PAINT CREW  Now you know how those distinctive Zimdars State Assembly signs were produced. Pictured above after a recent paint party are, from left, Terry Zimdars. Kurt Wilkens, center, and the candidate himself, Nate Zindars. Terry is Nate’s proud dad.


The article is about Joe Biden’s strategy in Wisconsin, but one of the more prominent Democratic Party candidates referenced in the article is Nate Zimdars, our candidate for the 41st State Assembly seat being vacated by long-time rep, Joan Ballweg, a Republican. New York Times writer Astead W. Herndon writes that Dems, like Biden and Zimdars, are not following the scorched earth policy of Donald Trump; instead they are being positive.

Zimdars is quoted as saying, ““Biden comes across as someone who’s moderate and has experience on both sides of the aisle,” Mr. Zimdars said. “My close family and friends, who are a little more on the Republican side of the fence, said if Biden became the nominee they would vote for him.”

Such persuasion, writes Herdon,  “is at the core of Mr. Biden’s campaign strategy, designed to bring together moderates, seniors, working-class voters across races and former supporters of President Trump. The approach has helped him jump out to an early lead in polling, both in national surveys and in swing states like Wisconsin, where Mr. Trump won by less than 23,000 votes in 2016. It has also helped him fend off attacks from Mr. Trump, who has sought to cast Mr. Biden as a radical progressive despite his lengthy career as a moderate lawmaker.”

Read the entire New York Times article.

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