Rep. Grothman, left, talking to attendees at a recent town hall meeting.

Our 6th District rep in Congress, Glenn Grothman, was quoted in an article on the WDJT, Channel 58 website as saying that “As long as impeachment is leading the headlines, these other critical issues are being left to the side.” Grothman’s comment, at least as presented, did not include a list of the “other critical issues.”

As he consistently does, Grothman was mouthing one of the Republican Party taking points. And in doing so, he shows no independent thinking. Instead, he toes the party line. His comment is another attempt to deflect and redirect. 

Grothman has not and does not acknowledge the actions taken by President Trump and his cronies as it relates to the Ukraine. He also doesn’t acknowledge that the House, of which he is a member, has passed close to 300 bills that are now languishing on the desk of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. View source.

Why? Because McConnell doesn’t want any legislation passed by the House, which is now controlled by the Democrats, to see the light of day. He doesn’t want to give the Democrats what might be considered a win. If he did, Republicans like Grothman would not be able to make statements like the one he made on WDJT, Channel 58. 


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