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How Issue and We’re Watching teams function

There are no hard and fast rules for how a team functions. The objective, however, is to gather information and then share it. Here are some suggestions for making this happen:

Start by talking with the other team members. This can be done via phone, in person, or via email. Not sure who is on your team? Click here for a list. 

Develop a list of sources that your team will follow. Start with the sources that you already access and then add others. Our Resource/Links page lists lots of potential sources with links to each of them. 

Make sure each source has at least one lead person assigned to it.  It is Ok if others also view or access that source on a regular basis.

Send information to us using the Contact form

If you find information online, send us the hyperlink to the source material. Not sure how to do this? Click here.

If the information is from a print source (newspaper, magazine, newsletter, etc.), send us the name of the publication, the date, and the page. If possible, send us a PDF of the item. 




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