Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers

This, unfortunately, was expected. A week after Democrats introduced legislation designed as a “first step” toward criminal justice reform in the state, Republican lawmakers unveiled legislation to counter what the Dems proposed, and as expected, the two sets of legislation define criminal justice reform quite differently.

In his successful campaign for Governor, in 2018, Tony Evers, a Democrat, said if elected one of his goals would be to halve the state’s growing prison population. He acknowledged last when talking about the “first step” legislation that its chances for being enacted depending on bipartisan support and that without it, the reforms introduced by his party would have little chance for passage.

Evers, did, however, say that he hoped his reform package would help create bipartisan debates on the issues surrounding criminal justice reform. Well, according to the Wisconsin State Journal article dated Jan. Jan. 15, it worked, although perhaps not the way Evers and his Democratic colleagues hoped.

In a nutshell the Evers plan would decrease the number of adults in Wisconsin prisons, while the Republican plan would not. It, in fact, it would, if passed, see more adults spending time in prison.

Read this article from the Wisconsin State Journal written after Evers introduced his plan earlier this month. Then read another Wisconsin State Journal article on the Republican plan introduced a week later.

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