Attorney General Josh Kaul spokes to a meeting of the Green Lake County Dems & Friends last year.

When the voters in Wisconsin said last Fall that they had had enough of Republican Governor Scott Walker and Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel, what did the Republicans do?

Yup, they did what spoiled brats everywhere do. They took away from newly elected Governor Tony Evers and newly elected Attorney General Josh Kaul some of the authority and power that Walker and Schimell enjoyed. It was, of course, Ok for Walker and Schmeil to to have that authority, but since Evers and Kaul were Democrats–perish the thought–the Republicans said, in effect, we are going to limit what you can do. So they called a special session of the legislature to say to the voters, “Your wishes be damned,” we’re going to hamstring Evers and Kaul.

But Evers and Kaul are no dummies, and as a recent article in the Capital Times points out, Kaul, for one, has figured out a work-around. Instead of filing suits against the Donald Trump’s administration with the state of Wisconsin as the plaintiff, Kaul has joined with the Attorneys General of other states to essentially do the same thing. This he has the authority and power to do.

Sound complicated? Read the article. It explains how Kaul is able to legally take action that is in the best interest of the state, despite the attempt by Republican sore losers to limit his authority.

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