Ed Fallone and Heather Cox Richardson: Two sources of relevant information recommended by Ken Knight

Ed Fallone

Many of us know and appreciate Ken Knight, a transplant from Illinois to Green Lake. Ken and his wife Kris are active within the Green Lake County Dems & Friends community.

As a former practicing attorney Ken has some insights into the workings of the legal community. He and Kris are also passionate about social justice.

Below is an email that Ken recently sent to friends. We’re republishing it because it has value. It also says, better than we could, why you should tap into two excellent sources of relevant information. 

Ken was an early supporter of Marquette Law School Professor Ed Fallone. And while Fallone did not win his primary fight with Jill Karofsky, he impressed a lot of us with his thinking and writing on legal issues.

Ken also introduced us to Heather Cox Richardson, another voice of wisdom. Please take the time to read what Ken wrote about both of them and then make sure Ed and Heather become a key component of your knowledge base.

Here is what Ken wrote recently:

“The intense events since January 1st in politics, domestic issues, foreign relations, and health and health care are beyond my abilities to discuss. It is way over my head and I cannot add to the conversation in a rational manner or provide any helpful direction.

“In general, my emails have been directed to the elections of Court Justices. A matter that I think I can address due to my experience. I also address issues of voting, feel free to call me out when I am partisan, but in general, everyone should vote their conscience. But VOTE.

“Now I write to offer as resources two voices who can address what I cannot.

“First, please follow Fallone for Justice on Facebook (okay, I know the primary is over and he lost), but the Facebook page is worth following as he reads and comments on news articles from a point of knowledge.

“Here is his bio from his Facebook page:

Ed Fallone is a constitutional scholar. An expert in corporate, civil, immigration, and criminal law, his advice has been sought from a wide range of people, including Senator Herb Kohl in connection with the confirmation hearings of four United States Supreme Court Justices: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagen. He was asked by the Alliance for Justice and the Obama White House Administration to explain why the Senate’s obstruction of the Merrick Garland nomination violated the Constitution. Just like Justice Shirley Abrahamson, Elena Kagan, Ruth Badger Ginsburg, and Barack Obama, he is an academic–a law professor for the past 30 years at Marquette University Law School.”

Fallone for Justice

Heather Cox Richardson

“Second, please follow Heather Cox Richardson as her daily emails, Letters from an American are just what I need to bring focus to the events of each day and she does it from the perspective of a historian.

“Here is the info from her Facebook page:

Heather Cox Richardson is a political historian who uses facts and history to make observations about contemporary American politics. Her new book is How the South Won the Civil War: Oligarchy, Democracy, and the Continuing Fight for the Soul of America.

Biography: I’m from rural Maine, was educated at Exeter and Harvard, and am now a professor of history at Boston College. I write books about the American past, and write articles about modern politics. The past informs my work on the present, not the other way around.”












Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear voter purge case after deadlocking 4-4 on it back in December


It’s a mess. 

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will look again at a case involving the purging of names from the state’s voter polls.

Back in December it whiffed when the issue was originally considered, after one of the judges, David Kelly, recused myself from the case because he was on the April 7 ballot.

Cynics might suggest that Kelly, a favorite of conservatives, was being careful to sidestep the issue because if he voted to purge the voters his vote would then be used against him in the April election. 

No matter as Kelly, who had been appointed to the state’s top court by then Republican Gov. Scott Walker, was upset by liberal Dane County Circuit Judge Jill Karofsky, 

But wait, Kelly is still on the bench until Aug. 1, when Karofsky takes his robe away.

So, if the court decides to rule on the voter purge before then, and Kelly votes as expected, the 4-4 deadlock vote in December becomes a 5-4 vote in favor of allowing the voter purge. Kelly will then leave as a hero of the state’s conservatives.

Democrats and Republicans alike are closely watching the case because President Trump won Wisconsin by only 22,000 votes in 2016. And most observers suggest that in 2020, Wisconsin will be a key swing state. Democrats are opposing the voter purge because they feel it is part of a nationwide effort to suppress voting in 2020. 

Read more on this from an article in the Journal Sentinel.


GOP succeeds in getting Wisconsin Supreme Court to overturn Evers’ ‘Safe at Home’ law

In yet another sign of the insanity that is gripping the state’s conservatives and the GOP in general, the Wisconsin Supreme Court yesterday struck down the state’s “Safe-at home” law, thus creating increased confusion over how residents of the state should deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

By a 6-3 vote, the court sided with the leaders of the Republican-controlled state legislature who challenged an attempt by the state’s executive branch, led by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. Joining the GOP in challenging the order,which came from the state’s chief public health officer, were numerous business groups and organizations.

For more on this, check out this article from the Journal Sentinel.

If you are legally inclined, check out the the court’s complete Safe at Home decision. Thanks to Ken Knight for providing this from Ed Fallone, the Marquette University law professor who was an unsuccessful candidate for a seat on the state’s top court earlier this year.















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