Opportunity exists to ask tough questions of candidates for 41st Assembly and 6th Congressional Districts

Candidate forums hosted by LWV of the Ripon Area set for Thursday, June 25 and Wednesday, July 1

Here is a golden opportunity to ask local candidates for public office their position on issues that are of key importance to you.

The League of Women Voters of the Ripon Area is hosting a series of candidate forums at the end of June and at the start of July.

Each participating candidate will be asked the same question by the LWV moderator, so all candidates have an equal opportunity to answer a question.

Questions for the candidates come from the general public–from you.

Submit your question in advance of the forums by sending them to lwvriponarea@gmail.com. You can also use snail mail: LWV Candidate Forum, P. O. Box 5, Ripon, WI 54971.

All questions will be screened prior to submission to the candidates and when appropriate, similar questions will be combined into a single question.

As of today, June 15, candidate forums as being held on the following dates:

  • Thursday, June 25, Republicans competing in the partisan primary for the 41st Assembly District on Aug. 11.
  • Wednesday, July 1, Democrats competing in the partisan primary for the 6th Congressional District on Aug. 11.

An attempt to hold a forum for the Republicans running in the partisan primary for the 14th Senate District on Aug. 11, scheduled for Tuesday, June 24, failed as one of the invited candidates declined participation. LWV policy is to hold candidate forums only when there are two or more candidates willing to participate. The LWV also does not disclose the rationale for a decision not to participate.












Democrats Matt Boor and Michael Beardsley fill papers for the 6th Congressional District, joining Jessica King

Matt Boor, a candidate for the 6th Congressional District seat now held by Republican Glenn Grothman.

As of 6 p.m. on Monday, June 1, two more Democrats. Matt Boor and Michael Beardsley, filed nomination papers with the Wisconsin Election Commission. Both are seeking to unset Glenn Grothman, the incumbent Republican 6th Congressional District. According to the WEC, the validation of the signatures on their nomination papers was pending. Boor and Beardsley join Democrat Jessica King, whose signatures were validated earlier in the week. If the signatures for Boor and Beardsley are validate, the three Democrats will face each other in a partisan primary election on Aug. 11.

Update: Democrats Matt Boor and Michael Beardsley signature validation is pending; if approved they will join Jessica King on Aug. 11 for right to face Republican Glenn Grothman

As of 12 a.m. today (Friday, May 29) only one 6th Congressional District candidate, Democrat Jessica King, has had her nomination signatures validated by the Wisconsin Elections Commission. 

Two other Democrats, Matt Boor and Michael  Beardsley, have filed their papers but the validation of signatures is pending. Boor was an early announced candidate fo the position in Congress, while Beardsley is a late addition.

On the Republican side, only incumbent Glenn Grothman has filed his papers and according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission website, the validation of his signatures is also pending.

The deadline for submitting nomination papers is Monday, June 1 at 5 p.m.

As filing deadline looms, Democrats Nate Zimdars and Jessica King qualify for State Assembly and 6th Congressional District battles

Democrat Nate Zimdars, a candidate for the 41st State Assembly this fall.

It’s a bit early–the filing deadline is Monday, June 1, but a number of local people seeking elected office have already had their nomination paper signatures validated by the Wisconsin Elections Commission, including Democrat Nate Zimdars who is seeking election to the 41st State Assembly post being vacated by Republican Joan Ballweg. 

Zimdars, by virtue of his being the only Democrat seeking the seat in Madison, will not face an opponent in a partisan primary on Aug. 11.

Several Republicans, however, have had their nomination signatures validated, which means there will be a Republican partisan primary on Aug. 11. 

Gary Will, the former mayor of Ripon, and Alex Dallman, a staffer for Republican Congressman Glen Grothman, will face off on Aug. 11. 

As of today, two candidates for the 6th Congressional District, including Democrat Jessica King, have submitted the required number of valid signatures. The other candidate is incumbent Republican Glenn Grothman. If they are the only candidates with the required valid signatures, they will be on the Nov. 3 ballot. 

A second Democrat, Matt Boor, has taken out nomination papers for the seat in Congress, but the Election Commission did not include him on its list of candidates submitting the required valid signatures on its 12 a.m., May 28 report. If Boor comes up with the required valid signatures by the June 1 deadline, he and King will meet in a partisan primary on Aug. 3.








Guess which way our Rep. in Congress–Glenn Grothman–voted on the Disaster Relief Bill?

Ok, that’s not fair. Why ask a question for which we already know the answer?

Well, sure our guy in Congress–the guy who represents us–voted against the $19.1 disaster relief legislation that passed in the House on Saturday, 363  to 40. 

One hundred and forty Republicans voted for the bill, along with 223 of Democrats. That means Rep. Grothman was one of only 40 Republicans to deny the funding.

Funding that President Trump supported via Tweet: “I fully support H.R. 6201: Families First CoronaVirus Response Act, which will be voted on in the House this evening. This Bill will follow my direction for free CoronaVirus tests, and paid sick leave for our impacted American workers,”

So why did Rep. Grothman vote no? We don’t know. If you check his website, which is supposed to be his official platform, it is devoid of any information on his vote. Typical.

Read article from the Journal Sentinel.

Of course he did; Grothman votes against letting Medicare negotiate for lower drug prices for seniors

Should we be surprised? Our guy in Washington, Congressman Glenn Grothman, joined 191 other Republicans and one independent, to vote against letting Medicare negotiate lower drug prices for seniors. So far, no explanation for his vote has been given, but this too is an example of toeing the Republican Party line and not listening to his constituents. Numerous surveys from various organizations have suggested that 93 percent of Americans want the government to negotiate for reduced drug costs, already among the highest for any developed nation in the world.

So, what are the chances the Republican-controlled Senate will go along with the House bill? Like most measures passed by the House, which is controlled by the Democratic Party, slim to none. Thanks Glenn.

Learn the full story from the Washington Post

Grothman defends Education Secretary Devos during testy hearing on student loan forgiveness

Betsy DeVos

Republican Rep Glenn Grothman, who represents us in Congress, rose to the defense of beleaguered Education Secretary Betsy Devos this week during a hearing on why her department has not helped students who were defrauded by defunct for-profit educational providers, leaving the students with student loans that DeVos’ department was aggressively trying to collect.

The testimony came during a U.S. House and Education and Labor Committee hearing. Grothman is a member of the committee. In his comments, reported in an article from the Wisconsin Examiner, Grothman reportedly said,  “She’s doing what she can,” adding, “She had a couple of employees who screwed up.”

Grothman then did what he does regularly: He attacked former President Obama, a Democrat: “You gotta remember that student loan debt more than doubled under Obama, and doubled under Bush.”

Grothman said he found the comments in the hearing “unusually nasty,” and said “people are blaming her for problems she inherited.”

Grothman did not ask DeVos why her department was not helping the students who were left students loans they could not pay back because they did not have degrees required by potential employers.

Read the full article.

Grothman decries emphasis on women during hearing on family leave.

Congressman Glenn Grothman

According to an item in the Huddle, “a play-by-play preview of the day’s congressional news,” published by POLITCIO, our guy in Washington, Glenn Grothman, a self-styled champion of downtrodden men everywhere, earned some laughs and then some groans during a hearing of the House Oversight Committee when he once again decried the plight of men: Here is what POLITICO wrote:

“GROTHMAN GOES THERE — The House Oversight Committee held a hearing on paid family and medical leave policies yesterday, with Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) presiding over her first official hearing since being elected chairwoman.

“But Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.) elicited some laughs — and groans — when he said that a lot of the research on the topic was focused on females. ‘We get briefings on this, and everything’s focused on the women, the women, the women, which is good,’ he said. But he added: ‘was there any analysis on the man’s side on the effect of this law?’  The female witness responded by saying it’s important to note that four out of every five leaves are actually taken for a worker’s own illness or caregiving.

“But the comments from Grothman — who once decried the “war on men” — irked some of his Democratic colleagues. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz quipped: ‘Can we give him another five minutes?’ 

“One female lawmaker was overheard saying ‘that is good’ that the research is focused on women. And Rep. Jamie Raskin tweeted afterward: ‘Rep. Grothman just observed @RepMaloney’s first hearing as @OversightDems Chair & our inquiry into the need for nat’l paid family & medical leave by bemoaning that the issue seems to be about ‘women, women, women.’ It’s actually about all of us—women, men, children, babies.’

Rep. Grothman attacks impeachment proceedings; ignores issue of more than 300 House-passed bills sitting on McConnell’s desk

Rep. Grothman, left, talking to attendees at a recent town hall meeting.

Our 6th District rep in Congress, Glenn Grothman, was quoted in an article on the WDJT, Channel 58 website as saying that “As long as impeachment is leading the headlines, these other critical issues are being left to the side.” Grothman’s comment, at least as presented, did not include a list of the “other critical issues.”

As he consistently does, Grothman was mouthing one of the Republican Party taking points. And in doing so, he shows no independent thinking. Instead, he toes the party line. His comment is another attempt to deflect and redirect. 

Grothman has not and does not acknowledge the actions taken by President Trump and his cronies as it relates to the Ukraine. He also doesn’t acknowledge that the House, of which he is a member, has passed close to 300 bills that are now languishing on the desk of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. View source.

Why? Because McConnell doesn’t want any legislation passed by the House, which is now controlled by the Democrats, to see the light of day. He doesn’t want to give the Democrats what might be considered a win. If he did, Republicans like Grothman would not be able to make statements like the one he made on WDJT, Channel 58. 


Grothman did not attend impeachment hearing even though he was a committee member

Our Rep in Washington, D. C. , Glenn Grothman, was one of two Wisconsin Republicans who had access to closed-door impeachment depositions, but chose instead to have skipped the vast majority of them. 

Grothman and Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner are the only Wisconsin lawmakers who sit on committees that have conducted the behind-the-scenes interviews as part of the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. 

An analysis of the 15 closed-door deposition transcripts that have been released by House lawmakers show that Sensenbrenner, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, wasn’t listed as present at any of those proceedings. Grothman, who sits on the Oversight and Reform Committee, was listed as present at just one, the testimony of William Taylor, acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, on Oct. 22. 

He told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in October that he had sat in on one of the six depositions prior to Taylor’s testimony, indicating that he’s attended at least two of the 17 depositions held behind closed doors. Two of those transcripts have not yet been released publicly. 

Grothman’s office did not respond to a request for comment about his attendance. Grothman may have entered some of the other depositions after the attendance was logged, in which case his presence would not necessarily have been noted in the transcripts. 

This is consistent with his disdain for the Mueller Report. Asked earlier this year at several town hall

Asked if he had read the report, Grothman said he had not, but he was planning to do so. Seems like the Congressman, like most Republicans, doesn’t feel he needs to understand and appreciate either the testimony being given during the House impeachment inquiry, nor does he care about the Mueller Report.

Read article from Wisconsin Examiner

Third Dem apparently seeking to unseat Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman

A third Democrat is apparently seeking to upset Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman in the 6th Congressional District.

According to an article in the Post Crescent, Amy Washburn, at attorney, is joining the race, which means there will be a primary election on Aug. 11, ahead of the Nov. 3 general election. Candidates can begin circulating nomination papers on April 15. Those papers must be filed by 5 p.m., June 1, to get on the ballot. Washburn and Jessica King, also a Democrat challenger to Grothman, are both attorneys. The third Dem in the field is Matt Boor, a businessman.

Grothman does have an announced Republican challenger, Melissa Mcclintick. View her website.

The newspaper article says Washburn is with Kohner, Mann & Kailas, S.C., a Milwaukee legal service firm. A review of the firm’s website, however, does not list her as being affiliated with the company.

Ballotpedia, however, does list Washburn as a candidate, but there is very little additional information on her.

Her Linkedin profile says she is an associate attorney with Kohner, Mann, and Kailas. In the profile she writes, 

“I have an extensive skill set based on a broad range of experience, including: having worked as an attorney, a human resources manager, an administrator, a researcher, and a consultant in the medical insurance regulatory field; I have lobbied at the United Nations and the United States Congress, and brought litigation in the courts, for civil and human rights, and social justice issues, including better access to medical care; I have established charitable foundations and obtained tax exemptions for them; I wrote one book on my own, co-authored another, and had significant responsibility for the drafting of several appellate briefs, including several to the United States Supreme Court; I have given presentations and speeches, and presented oral argument to appellate courts; I have negotiated joint venture agreements and employment contracts; I am proficient in, and have taught classes and trained individuals in the use of, many commonly-used computer software programs; and I put myself through school, earning a law degree, and an undergraduate degree in political science and public administration. 

Her profiles says she earned her law degree from Washington and Lee University Law School.  The profile also indicates that she was an attorney with the Milwaukee law firm from 2008 until 2018.

Rep. Grothman sponsors bipartisan bill to limit predatory lending, including rates as high as 36%

Re. Grothman at a Town Hall meeting in Dalton earlier this year.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers that includes 6th Congressional District Republican Glenn Grothman and U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Cleveland, wants to limit interest rates on consumer loans nationally at 36%, “a move that worries the payday and online-lending industries,” The Wall Street Journal reports. 

The legislation introduced Tuesday, Nov. 12, in both chambers of Congress “aims to extend to all consumers an interest-rate limit already in place for the military, its sponsors said. A rate cap of 36% would effectively eliminate traditional payday loans, which often charge interest rates exceeding 300%, as well as many installment loans offered online,” according to The Journal. 

While Democratic lawmakers are the primary supporters of the legislation,Grothman,is backing the House bill. In addition to Brown and Grothman, sponsors are Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., and Rep. Jesus Garcia, D-Ill. 

The newspaper notes that more than a dozen states “have banned payday loans, and the ranks of states with tough limits on high-cost loans are growing. California last month enacted a law imposing a 36% cap on loans between $2,500 and $9,999. Voters in Colorado approved a 36% limit last year, following similar moves in South Dakota and Montana in recent years.”

Rep. Grothman’s Democratic challenger, Jessica King, claiming champion of the working class mantle

Jessica King was one of the speakers at the recent JFK dinner in Ripon

Jessica King, the Oshkosh Democrat seeking to unseat 6th Congressional District Republican Glenn Grothman, took her “champion of the working class” message to another group Wednesday in Oshkosh.

The article states: “Her decision to challenge Grothman stemmed from becoming a mother three and a half years ago.

After King became a mother, she looked at issues like climate change, the student debt crisis, unaffordable health care and stagnating incomes for the middle class, and wondered what kind of a world her son would grow up in.

“My son is the 6th generation of the King family to live in the 6th congressional district,” King said. “I really want this to be a thriving place for him. And I’m concerned that if we don’t send real advocates to Washington to solve real problems, I don’t know what I’m handing him.”

Green Lake resident Ken Knight [a member of the Green Lake Dems & Friends and a contributor to this website} attended the campaign event and said he supports King because she’s willing to compromise to pass legislation.

Knight had previously been a “lifelong Republican,” voting for the party in every major election until 2012. He said the party has moved too far to the right and drifted away from his core values.

“I haven’t budged in my beliefs, but they’ve diverged,” Knight said of the Republicans

Read article from the Advance Titan. 


Rep. Grothman wants know if we support impeachment of President Trump


At least he is asking

Our guy in Washington, Rep. Glen Grothman, is asking some of his constituents if President Trump should be impeached. In an email he sent today, Grothman, a Republican, wrote 

“This past week, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats voted to continue impeachment proceedings and open an official impeachment inquiry on President Trump. While many Democrats have openly supported this inquiry, the idea received bipartisan opposition on the House floor with every Republican Member of Congress voting against the measure.”

Grothman then included a graphic that when clicked took people to the survey form. Note that you are given only two options: Yes or No. There is no other option and there is no opportunity to explain your vote or position. In other words, you can’t say, “I support the impeachment inquiry, but want additional information before deciding if he should be impeached.”

Why only two options? The inquiry is continuing. Why ask his constituents to make a premature, singular choice?

The answer is obvious. Grothman, always a strong supporter of Trump (just check his voting record) is buying into the Republican strategy that relies on shallow surveys like this to suggest that voters are opposed to the impeachment.  If you really want to take the survey, you can do so here. But why?

Rep. Grothman concluded the email with the following:

“As your Congressman, I’m here to serve you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to my offices in Fond du Lac and Washington. If you enjoyed this newsletter be sure to forward it to your family and friends so they can stay informed on what I’m doing in Washington and the Sixth District. 

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