Here is why Wisconsin Supreme Court elections are so critical and why we need to pay attention and vote

Thanks to Ken Knight for this:

“The Wisconsin Constitution defines the powers of our state courts. It provides that every circuit court has the power to adjudicate “all matters civil and criminal” and “may issue all writs necessary in aid of its jurisdiction.” This is legalese for a simple proposition: our county trial courts are the primary forum to resolve disputes, and the judges in those courts have authority to accomplish justice.

“But last spring the Wisconsin Supreme Court undermined this fundamental principle, and it did so in a pair of unheralded, unpublished, and unsigned preliminary procedural orders. Those orders distorted existing law and, shockingly (perhaps even inadvertently), stripped our circuit courts of the power to stop the enforcement of laws that violate constitutional precepts …”

Read full article from Urban Milwaukee by Jeffrey Mandell. Article originally appeared in the Wisconsin Examiner

Jeffrey Mandell is a Madison attorney who represented the plaintiffs in League of Women Voters of Wisconsin v. Evers, one of the lawsuits challenging the Legislature’s 2018 lame-duck session, and Madison Teachers, Inc. as amicus in Koschkee v. Taylor, which dealt with the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s independent constitutional authority. The views expressed here are his own and don’t represent those of his firm or clients.


OPINION: Democratic Party presidential candidate Cory Booker is the real deal

By Malcolm McIntyre

U. S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) is the real deal.

I’ve always known this. It started with his moving into a low-income tenement building in a high crime area of Newark in 1998.

Who does that when his law and Stanford degrees would have afforded him positions in law firms and corporate boardrooms across the county. 

Heck, he still lives in that neighborhood in Newark. Lived there while he served as mayor of the New Jersey city.

I had a chance to speak with him (“You sure you know how this cell phone camera works”, I asked). He did, and you and see the result here. 

Boy, he’s big. I would love to see Donald Trump try to physically intimidate him like he did Hillary.

Maybe we’ll get that chance. I hope so.

I know the odds are against this. I also know that the so-called debates, while well intended, simply aren’t the proper platform for experiencing most of the candidates.

When you get a chance to see and listen to Booker in person, you are exposed to his charisma, character, and strong passion for his beliefs.

I heard Booker speak for about 45 minutes. It was 5:30 on a Sunday afternoon in Hartland, an upper-scale community in Waukesha County, one of the state’s reddest counties. Frankly, when I heard through a friend that he was going to be in Hartland, I was surprised. I know too well how deeply Republican the county is and I knew how weak the Democratic party was in that part of the county.

But I was pleasantly surprised. There were about 75 people at the gathering of various ages, color, and gender. Yes, it was a mostly white group, but not completely. 

Clearly the Democratic Party is not dead in Waukesha County. 

Back to Booker. He is also a great story teller and I won’t repeat them here because I am trying hard to get the video that was shot while he was speaking. I want to share with our members here, and if I can with the other county Dems. Not sure if I will be successful. I am sure that Corey’s people have plans for the video and allowing us to see it may short-circuit those plans. Don’t want to do that.

Bottom line: if you can see and hear Corey in an environment like the one in Hartland, grab it. It will provide you with insights into the man that will help you decide who should represent our party in 2020. 


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