There is no reason Shelley Grogan is on the ballot for the District II Appeals Court judgeship position now held by Jeff Davis.

None. Absolutely none, except, she is a conservative backed by former Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his family. Davis and Grogan face off in the April 6 election.

Davis’ experience and qualifications dwarf Grogan’s; there is no comparison. Don’t take my word for it. Check out their websites. Once you get past the expected fluff, check their qualifications, experience, and endorsements. 

Notice that Grogran is a municipal court judge and that Davis is a sitting Appeals Court judge. It is like comparing a second-string quarterback on a Division III football team with Aaron Rodgers. Which one do you want on your team?

Additionally, Davis has extremely strong bipartisan support. That should tell you something right there. Grogan’s support is almost exclusively from conservatives and Republicans. They are attacking Davis because Davis was “handpicked by Tony Evers” for the Appeals Court post back in 2019. What they and Grogan conveniently don’t tell us is that Groagn was a candidate for that appointment, despite her lack of experience and qualifications. 

Her current television ad also misleads by stating that she is endorsed by Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly. Whoops. Kelley is not a sitting Supreme Court Justice. He is a former Supreme Court Justice, appointed by Scott Walker.

Grogan is on the ballot because the Republicans, once again, are not putting forth qualified candidates for election. All you need are conservative bonafides and a desire to support the conservative/Republican agenda.

Consider former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly. Appointed to the bench in 2016 by Walker, Kelly no experience as a judge–none. But he was a supporter of the conservative agenda and that was enough for Walker. Thankfully, Wisconsin voters saw the folly of Walker’s appointment and in 2020 voted out Kelly. Voters instead elected Jill Karofksy. 

Don’t let another miscarriage of justice happen. Vote on April 6 for the most qualified candidate. Vote for Jeff Davis.

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