Republican Congressman Glen Grothman in Fond du Lac this morning.

This is what is called a tease. 

This morning I attended another one of 6th District Rep. Glenn Grothman’s town halls. This one in the city council chambers in Fond du Lac. As is typical at his town halls, Grothman, who is a Republican, did not have a lot of nice things to say about Democrats, although he regularly takes the time at these meetings to explain that he has a lot of Democratic Party friends in Congress. Hmm.

The three-term Congressman usually starts his meetings with about a 20-minute “legislative report” where he provides updates on legislative initiatives that involve him or which he supports. Then he opens the meetings up to what is billed as a question-and-answer session.

The questions come from those in attendance, but Grothman and his handlers ask that the questions be written down on cards during the registration process that proceeds the meetings. They also want your name and allied information, such as phone number and email address. Providing this information is optional.

During the question-and-answer period, one of Grothman’s staff calls out the name of someone submitting a question. At some town halls, the staffer reads the question. This morning, they did not. This gave those who had written their questions the opportunity to ask their question themselves.

This worked, but not always, and not always well, as when given an opportunity to ask their question, many people decided to elaborate or expand on their question. This meant there were a number of mini-speeches. Lots of opinions.

By itself, that wasn’t necessarily bad as many questions were somewhat detailed or complex.

Where things broke down was Grothman’s answers and his handlers tendency to call on someone else when Grothman struggled to provide an answer or when the questionnaire felt Grothman was deflecting or simply avoiding to answer. In essence, his handlers were sayng, “time to move on.”

Like most pols, Grothman is very adept at not providing direct answers (is there a school somewhere for pols who need to learn how to answer without really answering?).

So what were the questions and what were the answers (sure as they were)?

Sorry, you have to give me some time to review by notes before providing the answers (such as they were).

But check back and I’ll share with you Grothman’s comments on a wide variety of topic’s, including President Trump’s performance in office, the condition of migrants being housed at the border, gun registrations, assault rifles, social security, college loans, the first amendment, health care costs, his ability to have influence in Congress, whether or not it is OK for the President to ask a foreign state to interfere in our elections, Joe Biden’s son Hunter, and where those who don’t like living here should go instead.

All in all, whenever Grothman speaks, it is worth listening to, whether you agree with him or not.

After, he is our rep in Congress.


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