Our guy, Glenn Grothman, has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that would allow you and me, and presumably all our friends, to fund the wall that President Trump wants to build for perhaps $25 billion.

In an article in the Jan. 4 Journal Sentinel Grothman, who represents Wisconsin’s  6th District in Congress (us) is quoted as saying that he introduced the bill because “many Wisconsinites” have asked him how they could help fund the wall.

Guess they have lots of money burning holes in their pockets. Grothman, like President Trump, did not feel is necessary to provide actual figures to justify his “many Wisconsinites” statement.  So Glenn, how many? Five, 23, 261, 10,000? Help us out here, please.

Glenn, being the innovative guy that he is, recently came up with the idea of crowdsourcing the project. Grothman’s office said he introduced “The People’s Border Wall Fund Act,” enabling Americans to “personally fund the construction of a wall on the Southern border.”

According to a news release, Grothman’s measure “would create an account within the Department of Treasury that would allow public donations (to) be used for the design, construction and maintenance of a border wall.”

There’s no mention in the news release that throughout his run for president, Trump said Mexico would actually pay for the wall. Small detail, right?

In November, Grothman earned his third term by somehow defeating first-time candidate Dan Kohl, a Democrat.

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