There are several options for you to vote in the Tuesday, Nov. 3, general election.

First, if you’re not concerned about the health issues associated with voting in person, you can certainly vote in person on Tuesday, Nov. 3, at your normal polling place. For many of us, this is the least desirable option. 

If you plan to vote on election day in person, make sure you heck with your clerk to verify that your polling place will be open on election day.

Second, you can vote absentee by mail. To do this, you need to request an absentee ballot, if you have not already done so (go to to request an absentee ballot). You can also contact your clerk for help in requesting an absentee ballot.

For people who have not requested an absentee ballot for the Nov. 3 election, the Wisconsin Elections Commission will mail information to registered voters on how to request an absentee ballot on Sept. 1.

When you get your ballot, you need to fill it out properly. You must also fill out the return envelope correctly and completely. If you don’t do this, your ballot may not count. You must sign the ballot and a witness must also sign the ballot; there is a place for their signature. Finally, stick your ballot in the provided envelope and mail it.

If you are concerned about the ability of the USPS to deliver your ballot before the election, mail the completed ballot promptly. Who knows what will happen with the postal service!

Third, you can take your completed ballot to the clerk and physically hand it to them. Please call first to make sure that their office is open. If you do not have a witness to sign your ballot, your clerk or someone on the clerk’s staff can serve as the witness. They can also verify that you have completed the return envelope correctly.

If you need a witness to sign your absentee ballot, you can contact us and we will provide a witness, who will sign the witness line on your return envelope. We will do this in a socially safe manner. To request help with a witness, you can email us or call 920 570 2182. If you call and are asked to leave your name and phone number, please do so and someone will get to you shortly.

Do not give your completed ballot to anyone to deliver or mail. Mail your ballot or deliver it to the clerk yourself. 

Need to know your polling place? Go to where there is a form you can fill out that will tell you the name of your clerk, the office address, and additional contact information. 

Of course, the most important task is to register the vote.  Don’t rely on the fact that you have voted in the past. You need to verify that you are properly registered for the Nov. 3 election and you can do this by visiting

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