It is quiz time and since Deborah Kerr, one of two people seeking election on April 6 for the Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction post, is a teacher, she should ace this, right?

The question: Why do you have both financial support and endorsements from conservatives, including former Gov. Scott Walker, yet you consider yourself a Democrat?


Sorry, this does not make sense. Yes, I know that officially the election is nonpartisan, but Deborah, according to an article in the Journal Sentinel by Daniel Brice, you ran in the primary as a “pragmatic Democrat.” It also says you are telling people you voted for President Joe Biden.

Ok, so Scott Walker is now supporting Democrats? Wow. That is news. And when I look at the list of people who have sent you money, it includes $15,000 from “conservative mega-donor and voucher supporter Arthur Dantchik and $2,000 from George and Susan Mitchell, former leaders of School Choice Wisconsin.”

Something is not right here. And then last week it was reported that your campaign manager and legal counsel, both with strong ties to the Democratic Party in Wisconsin, resigned. Hmm.

Sorry, Deborah, you’ve failed the test. It appears you are trying to hoodwink voters by telling them you are a Democrat while at the same time hauling in money and endorsements for the conservative, pro-voucher folks. If voters buy into this, you have the best of both worlds: support from Dems and Republicans.

The problem here is the Dems and the Republicans do not see eye to eye when it comes to public education. Not the use of the word “public.” Republicans, especially Scott Walker, have gutted public education in Wisconsin. State funding is now dramatically reduced, and many public school districts have had to resort to costly referendums just to get needed dollars to keep their systems alive. 

Plus, and this clearly is the 800-pound Gorilla in that too-small seat in the back of the classroom: Republicans, under the guise of fiscal responsibility and free-market economics, favor voucher schools, which drain dollars from the public schools, further putting public education in peril. 

Would Scott Walker, the Mitchells, and Arthur Dantchik support a candidate who did not support the voucher program? I think not, but go to Kerr’s website and you won’t find any mention of her support for vouchers. So how did Walker, etc., come to the conclusion that Kerr is pro-voucher? Could it be that when she is not in public, Kerr tells Dems one thing and Republicans something else?

Kerr’s lack of transparency and her not-so-obvious attempt to play both sides is disturbing, disingenuous, and dangerous. She has, so far, misled everybody and we can’t have this in such a critical position. Vote for Jill Underly on April 6..

View WISN interview with Jill Underly and Deborah Kerr.

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