Because of the ruling yesterday by a Wisconsin judge that clears the way for the Wisconsin Elections Commission to purge as many as 234,000 voters from the state’s voter rolls, it is critical that all voters make sure that they are properly registered before voting this year. Why? Because (1) you may have been removed from the voter rolls, without your knowledge, and (2) you may need to register. If you need to register, there are new requirements for proving your identity.

Conservative effort at voter suppression

If this all sounds confusing, it is, and that is by design. Instead of making it easier for people to vote and instead of ensuring that all citizens can vote, conservative and Republican groups are trying hard to suppress voter turnout. This is something they have been doing for decades. These well-funded, carefully crafted and executed efforts have been aided by sympathetic judges who have ruled in their favor. This latest ruling is a classic effort.

Don’t wait, check your status now

To combat this, we must all ensure that we and all like-minded friends and relatives are correctly recorded on our local voter rolls. Do not wait until election day. Yes, you can register on election day if you find that you are not on the rolls, but you may have trouble doing so because of the identification requirements, which require specific forms of identification. The answer: Confirm your registration status.

For help doing this, visit MyVoteWI

Thanks to Green Lake County Dems & Friends member Art Baseler for helping with this post.



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