In a ruling on Monday, the U. S. Supreme Court and its conservative majority declined to hear a case involving challenges to the state’s election laws.The ruling is consistent with the court’s apparent unwillingness to address issues pertaining to the November election, which saw Joe Biden make former president Donald Trump a one-term president.

At the same time, as an article from the Journal Sentinel points out, a federal judge, nominated to the bench by Trump, has referred the lawyers who represented two Republican lawmakers and others who challenged the election results to a court grievance committee. The judge, stated the article, “determined their lawsuit was meritless and consisted of political grandstanding.”

To date more than 60 lawsuits have been filed by Republicans across the country seeking to overturn the election results. Notably, these lawsuits only are attacking the results of the presidential election; they do not seek to invalidate other elections that were won by Republicans, including many who signed onto the lawsuits. None has succeeded and many have been attacked by the courts, including those overseen by Republicans, for their weaknesses.

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