Jermitt Krage, chair of the Marquette County Democratic Party, was one of the leaders of the fight to get a Fair Maps referendum passed in Marquette County.

There are a lot of things in life that do not make sense. One of them is the resistance that Republicans in Wisconsin (and elsewhere) exhibit when it comes to redistricting or gerrymandering. Overwhelmingly, voters in Wisconsin want to see a nonpartisan approach to redistricting. Last week, it was revealed that the voters in Marquette County approved a non-binding advisory referendum calling for Fair Maps. Marquette County typically votes Republican so the vote is further proof that even Republicans favor Fair Maps. In all, nine counties had a Fair Maps referendum on their April 7 ballots and all nine passed. So why in the world do the state’s Republican leaders hang on to a highly unpopular opposition position, one that is costing them votes?

For more on this, read this opinion from the Madison Capital Times

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