Gee whiz. Can this get any stranger?

The organizer of a campaign to recall both Gov. Tony Evers and Lt. Gove. Mandela Barnes told the press yesterday that she had more than the required number of petition signatures to force a recall.

Misty Polewczynski told the Wisconsin State Journal that she had surpassed the threshold of 668,327 valid petition signatures required to trigger a statewide recall election, 

Her statement came after she told the Racine Journal Times the group had collected more than 620,000 signatures as of last Thursday. The claims came as a 60-day window to collect and submit them comes to a close. 

But wait, in an article posted online by State Journal, Polewczynski, in a Facebook group message that has since been removed, wrote in response to a question about why she had provided the number to the news media: “I would not pay attention to that number given to them!”

“Sometimes any press is better than no press. But like we’d give that out?!” she added.

She later wrote: “I’m going to do an interview this afternoon and will probably make up some crap to tell them. I like when they look dumb. Plus, they drug my name through the mud.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which first reported the Facebook posts, has previously reported Polewczynski was convicted of forgery, writing a worthless check and bail jumping 15 years ago.

So, where does this leave the recall effort? Who knows. But we’ll keep watching for more information as it comes available, information we will share with you. 


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