Nate Zimdars

In a bit of a surprise, the Ripon Commonwealth Press, never a bastion of support for Democratic Party candidates, has endorsed two of the party’s local candidates in the Nov. 3 election. 

In an opinion piece written by Tim Lyke, the paper’s former publisher, Lyke wrote that voters should be willing to depart from a straight party line agenda to “give the other candidates a second look.”

Lyke added, “Read about his or her positions on issues, yes, but then compare resumes, asking yourself whether a candidate will work for comity and cooperation, or play political gotcha, the public interest be damned.”

He then urged voters to vote for Jessica King, who is running against incumbent Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman, and for Nate Zimndars, who is running against Republican Alex Dallman for the 41st State Assembly seat being vacated by Republican Joan Ballweg.

Wrote Lyke about Grothman: “Sixth District voters who have enjoyed the leadership of Republicans Tom Petri and, even more, Bill Steiger, deserve better than the current fellow who sullies the seat. Rep. Glenn Grothman is an embarrassment.” 

Clearly no fan of the Congressman, Lyke added, “It’s time for “Coughing Glenn “ to return to his mailing address in Glenbeulah, even though he owns a condo in his former West Bend state senate district.”

To be fair, Lyke did not offer a ringing endorsement of King, writing “King’s primary qualification: She’s not an embarrassment. Yes, the bar has been set that low.”

Jessica King

About Dallman, Lyke wrote “… these are not typical times and so Republicans pushing red-meat issues to troll for votes won’t earn our nod. Alex Dallman is pandering. He champions Second Amendment and [pro-life positions while doing little to explain how they are state Assembly issues.”

In endorsing Zimdars, Lyke says, “Nate Zimdars walks the walk, having come from a Ripon family steeped in agriculture; he’s milked cows and works a graveyard shift in a cheese-processing plant. Unlike Dallman, who works for Grothhman in consistent services, Zimdars believes in a fair redistricting process, opposes public dollars for private school vouchers, and views COVID as a public health concern rather than an excuse to alarm the public that Big Brother is usurping its freedom.”


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