Note the massive Trump billboard in the background.

Yes, we have had reports of yard signs being stolen and defaced …

… but this morning this petty practice reached a new high (or low) when someone who did not care for the DUMP sign we erected across from the massive Trump billboard on Hwy 23, accosted two Green Lake County Dems & Friends members who had been working on the DUMP sign.

After completing their work, the two drove on 23 to Lawson Drive heading back into Green Lake. As they did, a black pickup truck with Outdoor Impact on its side, kicking up a dust trail and obviously speeding, roared down a connecting drive to intersect with our members’ van. 

It then pulled onto Lawson Drive and into the lane of the van, which forced the van driver to stop to avoid a head-on collision. The truck driver, while straddling the center line, pulled next to the van to tell our members that he found the DUMP sign to be “too negative.” He also said they were “leftists” and he could not understand why the DUMP sign was even there. He was informed that the owner of the property had approved the sign and that permission had been given to erect it. The truck driver then said he could not believe the owner had given us permission and he would talk to him.

Wow. Why would the relatively miniscule DUMP sign threaten the truck driver? Does he believe in free speech? Was he planning to intimidate or threaten the property owner? Did his actions with his truck constitute reckless driving and endangerment?

Is this what political discourse in Green Lake has succumbed to? 
Sadly, it appears that it has. And this comes on top of the Harvest Fest parade truck that displayed a profanity directed at those who do not support the president.

Of course the behavior and actions of a single person don’t necessarily reflect those of a larger group, but with a president who aggressively encourages and promotes such boorish behavior, it is no wonder this individual acted the way he did. Words have consequences, and the president’s words regularly add fuel to the fires he’s started. This morning was an example of this.

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