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A study comparing Vote Smart to the New York Times, Yahoo, Fox News, CNN, and other major political information systems reports that Vote Smart is superior to all.

– Markle Foundation

For reliable, meat and potatoes political information, research experts nearly all recommend Project Vote Smart.

– The New York Times

[Vote Smart] would make the Founders weep with joy.

– U. S. News & World Report

Heaven for political junkies.

– USA Today

Project Vote Smart jammed a wrench into the spin machine, the political and media apparatus that anoints candidates and disenfranchises the vast majority of voters.

– The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Project Vote Smart is a straight-shooting, nonpartisan political site that can bring you up to speed on a wide variety of political races in no time.

– Editor and Publisher

Project Vote Smart is one of the better and higher-minded projects that our representative democracy has going for it.

– Omaha World-Herald

The folks at Vote Smart are the Web equivalent of Dudley Do-Right: low-key, upright and determined that elections should be decided on the basis of facts rather than emotion.

– Orlando Sentinel

In the cacophony of political attack ads and “robo-calls,” it’s never difficult for voters to find out what political candidates want them to think. But a Montana-based, online voter service [Vote Smart] is reversing the process.

– Ames Daily Tribune

Project Vote Smart is legitimate and non-partisan. Its bias represents only a tilt towards transparency and openness.

– The Durango Herald

How do voters educate themselves on the issues and the candidates? There’s no better place to start than Project Vote Smart. Site creators are waging war on elections as popularity contests.

– Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

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