If you have ever wondered how we got to a point in Wisconsin where Democrats can win more votes for Wisconsin State Assembly positions, but end up with a decided minority position. In 2018, Democratic party candidates for the Assembly earned 1,306,878 votes, while Republican candidates tallied 1,103,505 That’s a difference of 203,000 votes. Yet, because of gerrymandered assembly districts created by Republicans in 2011, Democrats won only 33 of the 99 seats in the election.

Isn’t that insane?

If you want to better understand how that happened, you should watch “Slay the Dragon”, the new documentary that details how Republican stole elections in numerous states across the United States after they launched a concerted, systemic effort in 2011 to redraw voting districts so that their candidates would win the majority of seats, even while tallying fewer votes.

You can watch it, free of charge, 

To receive your link to view Slay the Dragon, click here. And then on Saturday watch a live panel discuss the movie and the implications for the next 10 years in Wisconsin.

View CBS News report on the film.









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